5 lesser-known scholarships for Indians to study abroad

Finding a good scholarship that can pay for your program in an expensive country is a big relief. With so many scholarships for Indians studying abroad, how do you know which ones you can apply for and which ones are specially designed for Indians?

Plus, many of the more popular ones – like Rhodes, Chevening, Fulbright, among others – are either too competitive or too restrictive. A better strategy is to target people who are less well known, but who offer equally good, if not better, benefits.

We have done the job by compiling the top five scholarships for Indians below:

Government of Israel scholarship

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Israel has a special scholarship arrangement for Indians studying abroad in Israel – you can apply for a scholarship take either a summer language course (Ulpan) or a one-year course (master’s, doctorate, post-doctorate or research studies) for a maximum of eight months.

You must have at least a BA or BSc (or above), a good academic record, under the age of 35, an Indian national, proof of proficiency in English or Hebrew, and meet the requirements of the Israeli university you are considering applying to.

If you are looking to study abroad, these five scholarships for Indian students studying abroad can help you start your journey. Source: Aamir Qureshi / AFP

You can only apply once. If you are selected for the university scholarship, you will be granted partial tuition fee waiver (50% up to a maximum of $ 6,000 for tuition fees of $ 12,000 and above), eight monthly stipends ( from October to June) and basic health insurance. The partial school year grant only includes the monthly allowance and health insurance.

Successful applicants for summer language courses receive full tuition waivers, a dormitory and three weeks allowance as well as basic health insurance. Universities and programs must be approved by the Israel Council of Higher Education; Ulpan scholarships will be awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information, contact your local Israeli embassy; you can download the application form here too.

Royal Thai Government Scholarship

The second choice on the list of scholarships for Indian students studying abroad is the Royal Thai Government Scholarships, available for outstanding Asian nationals including those from India who wish to study at the best university in Thailand: the Asian Institute of Technology. These scholarships for Indians studying abroad in Thailand include His Majesty the King’s scholarship for masters and doctoral programs and Her Majesty the Queen’s scholarship for masters program only.

Fields of study for this scholarship include engineering (civil and infrastructure, industrial systems), environment, and development sustainability, among others. Students interested in food, agriculture and resources, energy, management, and information and communication technologies may also apply.

The scholarships cover the full tuition fee, registration fee, accommodation, and a living allowance throughout the study period. The closing date for this application is February 28, 2022; for more information, Click here.

Orange Tulip scholarship

Coordinated by the Netherlands Education Support Office India, some 18 higher education institutions in the Netherlands offer the Orange Tulip scholarship (OTS) to outstanding students from India. Majority of these institutions have masters scholarships for Indian students studying abroad in Netherlands.

Applicants must not have a degree from a Dutch institution or must not work in the Netherlands. Most importantly, they must apply or have been admitted into a Dutch institution participating in OTS.

Benefits vary at each institution – some may offer a full tuition fee, others may give a 25% or 50% fee reduction, and for some institutions only living expenses or visa fees may be covered. It is best to check each university and confirm what type of sponsorship can be granted.

Apply here.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Stock Exchange

the MEXT scholarship is available for Indian nationals wishing to study in Japan at a specialized training school, technology school or university for undergraduate study. Scholarships for Indian Students Studying Abroad in Japan include: Research, Teacher Training, Undergraduate, Japanese Studies, College of Technology, Young Leaders Program, and Training College special.

Applicants can expect to receive monthly living allowances in addition to airfare and tuition waiver. However, only the Young Leaders program – for master’s studies – is currently open; for other scholarships, please Check with the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi.

At the same time, the Japanese Embassy or Consulate and / or Japanese Institution handles MEXT applications. So it is best to contact them directly for more information about this MEXT scholarship. Applicants should understand that there is no application fee.

Alliance of International Scientific Organizations (ANSO) scholarship

Another scholarship for Indian students studying abroad is the ANSO scholarship. For students wishing to do postgraduate studies – Masters or PhD – in China, this is a good choice.

Founded to train young scientists from around the world, this scholarship will fund studies at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) or the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) or institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences across China.

Successful applicants will receive full tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend of RMB 3000 / RMB 6000 (Master / PhD), health insurance, application fee waiver and subsidized trip to China (one trip). They must succeed can entrenched training in Chinese language and culture in addition to their undergraduate thesis before obtaining their diploma.

You can apply for this scholarship either by UCAS Where USTC but not both; and you must not be currently a master’s or doctoral student in China. In addition to not holding any Chinese nationality, you must demonstrate fluency in English or Chinese and follow all applicable Chinese laws as well as USTC / UCAS rules.

All in all, these scholarships for Indians studying abroad are great especially if you are plan to go abroad to continue your studies in 2022.

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