After playing for just 4 years, Clarice Bell of Orono lands a scholarship to play Division I golf

Clarice Bell started playing golf just four and a half years ago.

She turned out to be a quick learner.

Five months after becoming the first girl from Orono High School to win an individual state golf championship, she signed a national letter of intent to play Division I at Long Island University in New York starting in this autumn.

Clarice Bell (center) celebrates signing her National Golf Letter of Intent at Long Island University with her family members, including sister Jocelyn (from left), mother Jackie, father Calvin and sister Crystal.
Credit: Courtesy of Mike Archer

She will benefit from a sports scholarship which will be close to a full scholarship.

“I’m very excited,” said Bell, who hails from Holden and spent his first season on the men’s team at Bangor High before transferring to Orono.

“Four years ago, I did not see myself in this position. But I improved every year and I could see things falling into place,” the 17-year-old said.

She had a very positive conversation with LIU’s freshman head coach, Lily Bartell, and toured the school. It didn’t take him long to make up his mind.

“The campus was beautiful, the facilities are great. They have a big [indoor] golf facility,” she said. “The academic opportunity is also very, very good. They have what I’m looking for, a good business program, and they value their student-athletes and help them balance their athletics and academics.

She had considered attending some local schools “but once I visited LIU I knew this was the place for me. And I was glad they offered me a scholarship.

Bartell was also impressed with Bell, who also plays tennis and basketball.

“She’s got a great personality, so you can tell she’ll be a good teammate,” Bartell said. “She’s a great athlete and I think it’s beneficial for players to play more than one sport.”

The coach added that Bell asked him for training recommendations for the summer.

Orono High School‘s Clarice Bell won the 2021 Class C Women’s State Golf Championship. Credit: Courtesy of Clarice Bell

“Yes. I asked him that,” Bell said. “I want to get into the program and help the team win the [Northeast] Conference. This is the main objective. I know I have to work a lot. »

Bell shot a par 90 over 18 to win the state women’s individual Class C title at Natanis Golf Course in Vassalboro in October and she had the second-lowest score on the men’s team, helping them to finish seventh in the team competition. .

She had finished third among Class C girls the previous season.

Bell plans to play in a number of local tournaments this summer to gain experience and focus on his mental game and putting.

Golf season is both fall and spring at college, and Bell said she would join a team with a lot of upperclassmen.

“I can learn from them and hopefully become a better player,” she said.

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