Allison Larson, East Canton High School

NAME – Allison larson

SCHOOL – Canton East High School

RESIDENCE – Magnolia

AGE – 32

PROFESSION – High school guidance counselor.

HOW LONG WITH THIS SCHOOL DISTRICT? – This is my first year in the local Osnaburg school district and seventh overall.

FAMILY – Parents, John and Becky Larson; sister Katie; and niece Milena.

NOMINATION – “Allison Larson is the new guidance counselor at East Canton High School. She has worked hard to build quality relationships with staff and students. Allison is an exceptional guidance counselor and demonstrates empathy, organizational skills, dedication and open communication. She brought her knowledge and expertise to ECHS but is also ready to take on new challenges. She quickly rose to a managerial position, and East Canton felt very lucky to have her on the team! “

WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING PART OF YOUR JOB? – The most rewarding part of my job is observing all of the successes students have throughout their high school careers and seeing how those experiences and successes turn them into adults.

WHAT IS MOST DIFFICULT? – The hardest part of the job is the amount of juggling that needs to be done throughout the year, with the many changes to graduation requirements, schedule, student needs, and day to day issues. .

IF YOU DIDN’T DO THIS, YOU WILL BE… – … an air hostess.

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT STUDENTS WITH YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW OR APPRECIATE – All students have something good in them. You might have to dig really deep to find it, but it’s there.

HOW TO RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY AT WORK? – I love to read and spend time with my family.

STUDENTS AND COLLABORATORS WILL BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT YOU … – … I have been involved with Carroll County 4-H for 11 years and won the Showman of Showmen Rabbit Award two years in a row.

WHAT IS A RESPONSIBILITY ABOUT YOUR JOB THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW EXISTING BEFORE ACCEPTING IT? – I think the only thing I didn’t know existed was the time I spent thinking about the students when I wasn’t at school.

Allison Larson, a guidance counselor at East Canton High School, is the Canton Repository's Synchrony Financial Difference Creator for December.  Tuesday November 30, 2021.



Alana Ryan, Family Court and Intervention Liaison at Alliance Middle School – Ms. Ryan currently coordinates the AMS Student Improvement Lab. She does a really good job working with our students and redirecting them to positive behaviors. She is firm in her approach but demonstrates a great understanding of the needs of each student.

Shaun Fontaine, Assistant Principal at Alliance High School – Mr. Fontaine is doing an excellent job in his first year of administration at AHS. He genuinely cares about his students and is well on his way to becoming an exceptional educational leader. We are lucky to have him at AHS!


Franco Jamerson, student resource assistant – Coach Franco is still there! He has a vested interest in our students and finds a way to relate to them. He has helped many times and continues to do so whether we ask him or not… all with the goal of helping our children have a better day.

Brennen Endres, Director, Youtz – Brennen is an amazing colleague who shares her professionalism with her colleagues. He is a true leader who holds collegial conversations to improve our district.


Amanda Wynn, Paraprofessional at Faircrest Memorial Middle School – Amanda does a fantastic job every day! She helps out wherever needed and is great with our students. Amanda is a dedicated employee who thrives in a team environment!


Theresa Gursky, Office Manager – Theresa Gursky is a former student of Central Catholic, and has been on the administrative staff and alumni for decades. He is a true crusader at heart. For the past several years, she has served teachers and CCHS staff as office manager. She anticipates our needs, often before we realize we have them. Given her years of connection to Central, she’s also a wealth of information about Crusader traditions and processes.


Vanessa Bailey, cook’s helper – Vanessa has been a hard worker since she was hired in February 2012. She continues to show off her gentle, caring ways to all those little ones at Sauder Elementary. Her attitude reflects always doing the right thing, and her smile and glorious personality lights up a room! Truly a team player that I am happy to have on our team!


Julie Weaver, Central Office Secretary – Mrs. Weaver faithfully serves as secretary to our central office. Her many years of service, warm welcome, pious demeanor, and ability to juggle many tasks at once make her an important part of Lake Center culture.

Heidi Roberts, Director of Educational Technology – Ms. Roberts’ knowledge in many areas of technology, from software to hardware, enables her to move our school forward to prepare “future-ready learners”.


Carly Karasarides Special Education Worker – Carly is a go-getter who doesn’t wait to be invited to help; she just jumps in and is ready to go without hesitation. Carly has an upbeat attitude and an infectious personality that makes anything “possible” in the world of our students.

Alicia Mihelic, Curriculum Secretary – Alicia goes out of her way to be organized, helpful and courteous as the first person you meet upon entering our central office. His work is top notch and his attention to detail is impeccable – a really fun and pleasant person to work with.


Linda Freeman, babysitter – Mrs. Linda Freeman, head babysitter at Lexington, takes pride in her job and expects a lot from the cleanliness and care of Lexington Elementary. Students and staff at Lexington Elementary were unable to start the school year in the building due to construction, but Ms Freeman worked tirelessly to get the building ready for a good start on site later in the year school.


Julie Miller, chef – Mrs. Miller runs a tight ship and makes sure all the kids in our school are provided with a healthy breakfast and lunch each day. She serves with a smile, is a great role model and has a very positive influence on our school.

Michelle Hostetler, Director of Programs – Michelle provides incredible support to teachers and students through in-depth analysis of student needs, focused professional development and constructive dialogue with teachers. She is always ready to listen, share ideas and solve problems for improvement in order to meet the diverse needs of each student.


Mary Stockert, college library assistant – Mary is a reliable, selfless and dedicated employee. She works to promote the importance of reading to all students. As a study room instructor, she treats each student as she would her own, taking the time to learn the content of the class herself so that she can help those who may have difficulty. Mary is a great example of how every school employee should approach their role in helping students succeed.


Chrissy Nesbitt, IDEA B assistant – Ms. Nesbitt’s love for her position is evident every day as she interacts with staff and students, always with a smile on her face. His willingness to lend a helping hand never goes unnoticed.


Kate Frazier, success coach – Taft Elementary is honored to recognize Kate Frazier as the Difference Maker this month. Miss Frazier serves as Taft’s success coach, supporting students so they can truly reach their full potential. Miss Frazier has a knack for bonding positively with all children and truly believing in the goals we set for each student she serves. Taft is grateful to Miss Frazier for sharing her amazing gifts with Taft every day!

Chicola Whitfield, Academy Director – Chicola Whitfield is a great role model for our students as the Academy Principal at GlenOak High School. Her dedication to bringing a positive attitude, bonding with students and a work ethic set her aside as the Champion of the Month. Ms. Whitfield is making a difference in the local Plain school district.


John Petro, Director of Operations – John Petro has been a great addition to our Cardinal family! He is an excellent problem solver and makes sure that things at SV run smoothly and efficiently. John is making a positive difference every day.


Criseyda Dowd, Director of Arts – Criseyda Dowd has worked in St. Thomas Aquinas for several years and was appointed Director of Arts for Catholic Schools in Stark County two years ago. As Director, she is responsible for improving our ever-growing arts program offerings, creating additional artistic partnerships in the community, and writing grants to meet the wishlist of our program staff for the arts. . In the ever-changing world of COVID-19, she has successfully led our plays and musical performances, handling both live and streaming performances. As a principal, she is also committed to attending plays and musicals in Catholic elementary schools in order to show her full support for their programs.


Robyn Harris, preschool worker – Robyn Harris is a preschool aide at St. Barbara Catholic School. Ms. Harris is always ready to go the extra mile to help make our school a great place; she is very professional and brings a lot of good ideas to the classroom. She has worked in St. Barbara for several years and continues to demonstrate her commitment to the St. Barbara Bobcats.


Jessica Scheufler, Chef at Tuslaw High School – Jess is an excellent team leader in the THS kitchen who manages the challenges of menu planning and ordering in this current climate (economic / supply chain) with determination and flexibility. She cares about the students and tries to make lunchtime the best part of a student’s day!

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