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We have recently grown into companies specializing in granting all kinds of non-bank loans – from those that grant small loans with short repayment periods called payday loans, through loans with a monthly installment, i.e. slightly more repayable, the equivalent of bank loans to loans granted to secure real estate.

If we can’t get it all too much and we simply want to obtain a non-bank loan in a safe way, we can use the offer of a financial intermediary with whom we will apply for such a loan in one place.

Lending companies have recently grown

Like mushrooms after rain and financial intermediation companies are following in the footsteps. This is not surprising because in the banking market we are dealing with the same situation and there we will also meet various types of financial advisors. Those who have had the opportunity to take out a mortgage know this best.

However, if someone is not in the subject, I will point out from the beginning that using brokerage or credit consultancy services does not cost us because the costs are transferred to the company, from the company’s offer of services which we will eventually decide to use.

Probably the most popular company that has specialized in brokering payday loans. Virtually anyone can apply to them, so those who are only 18 years old and already have an ID card, people who have a relatively low salary working part time or on a junk contract, as well as all those who have a problem with obtaining a loan due to not the best credit history in BIK. Credy will find an offer tailored to their history and needs for all these people. Of course, it may happen that in extreme cases, if we have too much debt, the company will decide to refuse to grant a loan, but this is rare.

Credy specializes in intermediation in providing payday loans, so with the first loan we can get up to USD 1,000 with repayment from a few to 30 days. In the case of the first payday loan we have the opportunity to take advantage of the popular payday payday promotion for USD 0, unless we have used similar promotions too often.

As a long-term loan it is with … QUARTERLY LOAN

This is another broker who specializes mainly in long-term loans, i.e. those that we can repay in monthly installments. The payday loans offer is also included in the company’s offer, but installment loans are the main domain of Kwadrans Loans. The amounts of loans available here range from several hundred USD to even 25,000 USD with a repayment period of 1 to 12 months.

However, you should be aware that borrowing high amounts of loans involves high costs, which we can read about by reading the principles of safe borrowing, which can be found on the company’s website.

The conditions for obtaining a loan are similar to Good Finance’s offer because adults have the chance to get a loan here, who already have an ID card, have income and are not indebted. To obtain the loan, we will also need a personal account and a mobile phone.