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Assistant / Associate Rector

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal and Preschool Church (St M&M) located in Coral Springs, Florida is seeking a full-time Associate Rector to join our vibrant, culturally diverse, Christ-centered community, an open and progressive community in our approach to questions of faith and social issues, while being rooted in the ancient Anglican tradition. We are united around the core beliefs of welcoming strangers, including spiritual seekers from all walks of life, and calling all Christians to be the body of Christ in the world.

St. M & M’s is in a pivotal time of transformation as we become a larger parish, with a bold, compassionate and courageous relationship with our local community. We are looking for an Associate President who will collaborate with and support our President and our community on this journey. The successful candidate will play a key role in the growth of our congregation and in our vision to seek and follow Jesus’ loving way.

Summary of position

The Associate Rector joins with other staff (Rector, Music Director, Kindergarten Director, Church Administrator, Deacon) and lay leaders to lead this worship / transformation / service community. The skills of taking initiative and working together will be important. A spirit of collaboration, emotional health, deep empathy and a reflective approach are essential. Thoughtful and articulate preaching that speaks of deep spiritual hunger and the fundamental concerns of life is essential. As one of the primary Christian guides of this parish family, the Associate Rector must have a “contagious” faith and focused discernment rooted in a life of prayer. The associate rector must have a solid working knowledge of Spanish


The Associate Rector is responsible for the creative and strategic planning, organization and support of training activities for youth, children, young adults and families. They will oversee our Kids Faith Center and work with lay leaders to oversee our youth groups. In addition, the Associate Rector has primary responsibility for our Spanish speaking congregation under the direction of the Rector.

In addition, the Associate Rector:

  • Helps organize and support clergy and lay pastoral care providers in addition to providing skilled direct spiritual care.
  • Presides over and preaches on Sundays and weekdays and participates in collaborative liturgical planning.
  • Directly deals with the incorporation of newcomers, in particular for families with children.
  • Coordinates closely with congregational parish life and communications ministries, especially using social media.

A successful candidate will share these values ​​with us:

  • An orientation towards Jesus and his Way of Love
  • Welcoming to all, at ease in a multicultural environment, showing openness, an inclusive approach, and affirming towards LGBTQ + people.
  • Authenticity, great preaching and a sense of humor.
  • Commitment to serve inside and outside the church with a growing commitment to social justice.
  • Reflected on the liturgy. We are open to liturgical innovation while remaining connected to our deep Anglican tradition.
  • Strength with group processes and communication skills.
  • Open minds and hearts to the many ways we can do church together: liturgy, music, affinity groups, small groups, home groups, functional teams. We love to eat together and party together.


Benefits tailored to the Diocese of Southeast Florida (Housing Allowance, Allowance, Seca Allowance, Continuing Education, Car / Ministry Allowance).

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