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Do not lead

“Largest workers’ union in the state of California challenges Gavin Newsom’s vaccine order” (, July 28)

SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown recklessly ignored his board of directors when he drafted a cease and desist letter against the governor’s vaccination order for state employees. Putting a state contract above health and safety is not an act of leadership. Exposing people to a deadly virus when science shows the vaccine to be effective and safe is Brown’s huge misstep.

Dev Berger


Protect democracy

“Gavin Newsom Says California Recall Could Help GOP In 2022 Have ‘Nationwide Consequences'” (, July 30)

The September 14 recall election will ask voters two questions: The first will ask whether Newsom – elected in a landslide victory with 62% of the vote – should be recalled. The second will ask which of the 46 candidates listed should succeed Newsom if he is recalled. While a simple majority vote is required on the first question, the candidate with the most votes on the second question would win, no majority required.

Republicans cannot win a majority, fair and square vote. The anti-democratic forces seized the option of dismissal in an attempt to win with well under 40% of the vote. Vote “no” on September 14th.

Peggy bernardy


Fair salary

“Who will take care of the disabled and the elderly? California faces ‘unprecedented’ labor shortage ”(, July 26)

California’s recent multi-billion dollar investment in increasing supplier tariffs holds great promise for expanding the workforce. However, people with disabilities are unlikely to benefit fully from rate increases unless they are combined with equally ambitious efforts to link provider pay to quality and performance, not just hours worked. The Department of Development Services has reform plans underway. However, the language in the state budget limits the performance based salary to no more than 10% of rate increases. This hard cap stifles innovation and is far too small to make any real impact. We urge the Legislature to change this percentage cap.

Vivian Haun, Disability Rights in California

Los Angeles

Damage of fate

“California Pastor Gives Sermon Urging Recall of Newsom – A Test of IRS Rules for Churches” (, August 2)

Pastor Greg Fairrington has full rights to his personal political beliefs, but preaching Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall from the pulpit is doing terrible damage to the moral witness of religious communities across the country.

The Johnson Amendment was designed to maintain the separation of church and state that is the basis of our constitution. His words make the church a partisan political actor rather than a voice of morality and truth. When the church is seen as partisan, the community stops listening. By endangering his own church’s 501 (c) 3 status, so that cash contributions are tax-deductible, Pastor Fairrington is also undermining the ministry of all churches and religious institutions that will suffer badly if their status is tax exemption is revoked.

Rev. Alan Jones, pastor of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church


Deprived of care

“Thousands of patients scramble to avoid huge bills amid Anthem and Dignity contract dispute” (, July 27)

For-profit insurance company Anthem Blue Cross and Dignity Health’s failure to strike a contractual deal deprives tens of thousands of people in northern California of hospital and specialty care within 50 miles home, as well as primary care. care in their own city.

I am a family physician in Grass Valley, and currently do not have any specialists, imaging centers, or hospitals where I can refer a third of my patients. My own contract with Anthem BC was terminated simply because Anthem terminated its contract with Dignity, the only hospital in my area. Anthem BC is depriving thousands of people of their health care at a time when we can’t even switch to another insurance company.

Constance Gaulter Muir, MD

Nevada City


“Placer County has allocated taxpayer money to a private Christian college. This must end ”(, July 30)

The separation of church and state is a fundamental principle of American governance, and we are troubled by the apparent violation of this principle by Placer County. Although Placer’s board of directors did not directly fund the religious activities of William Jessup University and Campus Life Connection, the public money actually went to two organizations that do not hesitate to donate money. proselytizing towards the Christian faith. We also find it disturbing that this disbursement of public funds has taken place behind closed doors and without public participation.

This excellent column is a good example of a conscientious regional newspaper keeping an eye on our local governments.

Richard & Maisie Conrad


Diablo is done

“To Keep Promises to Close Diablo Canyon, California Ignores Fossil Fuel Emissions” (, July 23)

Regardless of the inexcusable delay and inaction by California utilities on alternative energy scenarios, the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant will not be resurrected. Starting from scratch would require years of study; state and federal authorizations and contentious hearings. The costly replacement of Unit 2’s main generator failed several times in 2020, only running 30% that year. PG&E estimates that Diablo cost taxpayers $ 1.25 billion in annual costs above the market in 2020.

While there is a lot of planning and evaluation needed to secure California’s emission-free electricity future, Diablo Canyon’s nuclear power will not be part of that mix.

David Weisman, Legislative Director, Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility Legal Fund

San Luis Obispo

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