Brewington Oaks neighbors happy to see him go


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – The Brewington Oaks buildings on Seminary Street in Rockford Fall, room by room. Something many neighbors have said they are happy to see.

“The buildings have been there for a long time. We’ve lived here for 12 to 13 years, ”said Stephen Sockwell, who lives down the street. “It’s going to be different to see a great view this way.”

The buildings are known to be a hotspot for crime. Sockwell said it caused noise and commotion.

“We’ve been living like this for so long, you know, and now it would be nice to have some comfort and peace in the area,” he said.

He and several other neighbors hope the space will remain open, possibly with a park. Curtis Steulpnagl lives behind buildings and often spends time on his porch.

“We would love to enjoy the view, even if it’s just clouds and sky,” Stelpnagl said. “It would be nicer than staring at these 13-story buildings all day.”

Paul Logli is part of a redevelopment group seeking to revitalize the neighborhood. He said the buildings were wasting space with great potential.

“It’s just a great location. It is naturally a beautiful place overlooking the river, ”said Logli. “I think the development that could take place there would be really exciting, and it will be an anchor for development in the south end of Rockford.”

There is no definite plan for the redevelopment yet. The Rockford Housing Authority is expected to discuss it at its meeting on Thursday.

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