Catholic school in Santa Rosa, Calif. Inaugurates new center for student life and new library


the College of Engineering at Pennsylvania State University is building two new buildings.

West 1 and West 2 are the first phase of a multi-phased master plan to improve the facilities of the College of Engineering.

Construction on West 2 began last fall; Due to Covid-19 restrictions, work has just started on the second building, West 1.

The 105,000 square foot, $ 88 million West 2 building, scheduled for completion in 2022, will have multi-purpose design studios; “Cornerstone spaces to Cornerstone Creators; »Expanded space for the Learning Factory and Factory for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME), the offices of the academic units; search space; teaching laboratories for the School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs; a high-rise research and teaching facility for large-scale experiments; and a home for several multidisciplinary programs.

The 290,000 square foot facility 1 west will include general purpose classrooms, computer labs, university unit offices, student support unit offices, a small library, food services, a common area for students and a research area and teaching laboratories for engineering, acoustics and civil and environmental engineering. It will also have an indoor flight facility for students and faculty working with unmanned aerial vehicles. Construction is expected to be completed in fall 2023.

About $ 163 million of West’s $ 228 million budget will come from state capital funding; the rest will come from $ 30 million in loans, $ 22 million in philanthropy and $ 12 million in cash reserves.

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