Central Alabama Christian Builders continues to serve Montana Indian Ministries for a long time


By Sheila Morgan

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Her grandson is the reason 76-year-old Ted Wammack made his very first mission trip in June.

What he and his family had been trying to do for years to help his grandson navigate life, now 32, God did in a matter of days, Wammack told the Baptist Paper.

“I wanted to thank God,” Wammack said. “I knew I had to be more involved in his work.

“I am an old man and I see what today’s children struggle with,” continued the retired layman. “The Lord is the one who can save lives, and we are his team. We have to do His work.

Wammack, a member of Grace Life Baptist Church, Bessemer, served for a week in late June with the Central Alabama Christian Builders team who, along with partners, built a 46 x 60 foot chapel for Indian Ministries in Montana on the Fort Belknap Reservation in north-central Montana.

35 years of ministry of construction

CACB is a non-profit group founded in 1986 by Johnye Horton, a member of Grace Life. The group has completed some 80 construction projects since 1986, Horton told the Baptist Paper, and this was at least the eighth time CACB has worked on the 40-acre Montana site. It was donated 14 years ago by the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation to tribal resident Bruce Plummer as a youth camp.

“We do one to three projects a year in churches and religious camps, anything where the gospel is preached,” said Horton. “We don’t cost churches [or camps] whatever.

“Many churches in the West are small,” he continued. “In 36 years, we have never made a commitment that we have not kept.

Horton started the CACB when his sons were four and eight as a family-focused ministry, he said. The wives of the construction workers cook – in church, in other places or outside, depending on the situation – and the children participate either in the activities of the mission or on the construction site with tasks adapted to the situation. their age.

While volunteers provide their own funding, CCAC accepts donations that are used to purchase items that go into the ministry’s “tool trailer”. This year, for example, the motor of a table saw burned “luckily towards the end of the job,” Horton said. He will be replaced when they return to Alabama. Other trailer equipment includes power and hand tools, ladders, an air compressor, and scaffolding. It was used this year to put drywall on the ceiling and glue and glue the walls and ceiling of the almost square room transformed – in Native American style – into an almost round room thanks to the addition of storage areas at each corner. triangular.

In previous years, CACB built some of MIM’s 14 cabins and outbuildings. This year’s plan was to build the chapel from the concrete slab, which involved 17 construction volunteers – three “skilled” – working 10 hours or more each day despite temperatures approaching 100 degrees.

First, they built the frame from 2x4s, raised the walls, and placed 30 roof trusses on top of the frame. Electricity came next and then insulation and 159 sheets of drywall which was glued and muddy for a smooth surface. On Thursday, four windows, two double doors and four interior doors were installed and the property cleaned.

Prepared and ready for the next team

“We are leaving the land free of trash and debris so the next team can start running,” said Bob Seamon, a member of Church at The Mill, Moore, SC, one of the seven construction workers on this site. church. “We are doing this for the grace of God. “

The next crews will tape, prime and paint drywall, add trim to doors and windows, and install electrical appliances. The final stages include a roof and metal cladding to match the chapel with the rest of the building, built two years ago, which consists of an oversized kitchen and two toilets.

The Alabama team of builders are also planning to complete a church building on Grace Life Church’s new property in Shadow Lake.

To find out how to ask a CACB team for help, or for more information about the team, visit cacbuilders.com.

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