Charities rush to deliver baby incubators to Ukraine – Ukraine

Christian Aid, the international development charity, has donated another £million to deliver vital medical equipment to Ukraine.

It follows the first £million donated last week by the charity for up to 10,000 emergency first aid kits for civilian casualties.

The second million pounds again went to Crown Agents’ emergency response in Ukraine. They are working directly with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health on the ground to provide vital medical kit. The money will be spent on baby incubators, oxygen concentrators and more than 3,000 thermal blankets.

The money is entirely due to the overwhelming generosity of the British public who have donated over £200million to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal.

Michael Mosselmans, Head of Humanitarian Affairs at Christian Aid, said:

“We are determined to react as quickly as possible to ensure that the money so generously given by the British people is used immediately. Our existing relationship with Crown Agents, who are in Ukraine, means we can achieve this.

Fergus Drake, CEO of Crown Agents, said:

“As the conflict exacerbates the humanitarian crisis day by day, a continued supply of life-saving medical items for those still in Ukraine is essential. Doctors have begun to see a sharp increase in the number of premature babies since the start of the conflict. These babies need special medical attention, as do the countless adult patients suffering injuries and trauma from the atrocities.

Crown Agents has worked with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for over five years and in the country for 25 years. This means that it is well placed to offer support inside the country. The ministry has been in constant contact with them, sharing details of the medical equipment they need.

With additional funding from Christian Aid, Crown Agents can now add more urgent elements to its critical response. This will reach beneficiaries as soon as possible through its established network already in place to transmit vital supplies.


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