Charlotte Minister Turns “Strangers Into Neighbors” as He Confronts Secret Church Segregation on Sunday Morning


Dr Snead Perez

Dr Snead Perez sheds light on Separate Sundays

Dr Snead Perez sheds light on Separate Sundays

What to do

What to do

More than two-thirds of American worshipers say their church has done enough to become racially diverse – so why are Sundays always separate?

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2021 / –

A recent study by Lifeway Research shows that Sunday is still the most segregated day of the week, and many Christians see no need to change that. Researchers report, “Two-thirds of American worshipers (67%) say their church has done enough to become racially diverse. And less than half think their church should become more diverse, ”but a pastor in Charlotte has the answer to bridge the cultural divide. Meet Reverend Daynette Snead Perez, Founder of Stranger to Neighbor Ministry. This dynamic world changer advances the church beyond difficult conversations about race and brings a gospel-centered solution to pews, pulpits and local communities.

Snead Perez, Intercultural Minister and National Disaster Response Officer for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, believes the way we build relationships is the solution. As a Christian, it is fundamental for our very life and our daily journey of faith. A life lived for Christ includes the service of many people, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, generation, or social class. God commands the believer to be connected to Him first and then to each other. She believes the solution to bridging the gap begins with love. It is about our relationship with God and others, as identified by the words of Jesus in Mark 12: 30-31 New International Version, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your heart and with all your soul. all your mind and all your strength. The second is: “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater command than these.

Dr Daynette Snead Perez’s Neighbor Ministry Abroad explains how the upliftment of the church begins with the strangers we meet and the relationships we build. With this, his latest book entitled “CHURCH: What to do when everyone is like you”, which will be published in September, traces the different stages of building authentic intercultural relations. Throughout the book, readers travel out of the wilderness of similitude into an unknown landscape of cultural inclusion. Dr. Snead Perez’s ministry focuses on congregations, church leaders, and Christian organizations that want to include others but lack the tools to do so. The world traveler recognizes the difficulty of churches rooted in their own cultures who want to engage in post-pandemic discipleship in a context of asking the right questions and seeking the right answers to navigate a growing church community.

In her book “CHURCH: What to Do When Everyone is Like You,” she provides believers with proven methods for teaching in a Bible study, congregation, or ministry team. Drawing on her own personal experience as an African-American woman who pastored a Burmese refugee congregation for three years in eastern North Carolina and other Christian organizations, Snead Perez, in a unique position, guides us through the steps to move out of our congregational comfort zones. She soon found out that despite our cultural differences or the language we speak, the Word is the Word, is the Word. She delivered the gospel truth, and that was enough.

In 2015, the Gardner-Webb University graduate founded DIASPRA, a company that offers solutions for building relationships with people who are not the same as you: the acronym EGGS, which she coined and used. in its sessions, stands for Ethnicity, Gender, Generation, and Social Class. Dr Snead Perez believes that one of the main solutions “to do justice” is to teach and help people to cross cultural boundaries for Christ and to establish meaningful relationships with people who may be culturally different but share the same spirit. same heart for Jesus.

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