Church ‘Snitch’ reports a British pastor without a mask. Now he can be fired



The COVID police are back at work. This time in the UK where a church snitch denounced a pastor for violating COVID-19 protocols.

Reverend Charlie Boyle of All Saints Church in Bransome Park, Dorset is struggling not to wear a mask.

Pastor Boyle faces disciplinary action and possible termination because at least one parishioner has complained about the COVID rule violation.

In a video posted to social media by Christian Concern, Reverend Boyle explained that he was accused of “singing the last verse of ‘Thine be the Glory’ on Easter Sunday” as he left the service and “Frankly, this is laughable”.

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Reverend Charlie could be kicked out of his church ministry and that’s no laughing matter.

Stop and think about this: A parishioner felt threatened when the unmasked pastor walked by – for just a few seconds – chanting “Thine be the Glory”.

The offended parishioner may have considered shouting something like “Oh no, I’m coming! Reverend Charlie spits out COVID-contaminated saliva in the parish sanctuary. Take shelter! “

Folks, do you really think Pastor Boyle would have led Easter services if he had had a fever or had COVID-like symptoms? I don’t think he would have done that.

Pastor Charlie takes responsible care of his flock and has strict COVID health protocols in place at the church.

“We had our own tracking and traceability. We had the QR codes. We put disinfectant in the church hall,” Reverend Charlie said, pointing out in the video. “I personally put these little red markers on and made sure people were safe.”

I think the restless church attendee should have taken a more biblical approach. Instead of becoming a snitch by denouncing the pastor to the church hierarchy, the offended parishioner should have addressed politely to the pastor after the service to explain his feelings, regardless of his view of science.

It’s that simple: first, go see the offender.

And although Pastor Charlie suffers from asthma, he might risk his own health in the future to be more accommodating with unscientific feelings.

But disciplinary action for Reverend Charlie? No. It’s a step beyond pallor because, unlike House Democrats in Texas who flew maskless for hours in Washington, it wasn’t a mass-market event.

I don’t know about you, but I thank God for the fearless Christian leaders and those who happily sing the Lord’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday, or any day, regardless of the dire consequences.

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