Dark & ​​Lovely Brand Leads Scholarship Initiative

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Jhe beauty brand Dark & ​​Lovely is breaking down barriers for black women in higher education. The company has partnered with the nonprofit College Gurl Foundation and actress Storm Reid to create a scholarship fund.

The initiative is part of a larger project led by Dark & ​​Lovely dubbed Building bright futures. Through this effort — which aims to develop education and career paths for 16,000 young black women over the next four years — the brand has cultivated scholarships and mentorship opportunities for undergraduates. Dark & ​​Lovely and the Washington, D.C.-based College Gurl Foundation — a mission rooted in providing scholarships to first-generation college students from low-income households — aim to use the initiative to address socio -economic which contribute to the lack of opportunities.

The scholarships are open to black women who are graduating from accredited colleges or universities in the United States, who have entrepreneurial aspirations, and who are making an impact in their communities. To commemorate the brand’s 50th anniversary, 50 prizes will be awarded.

Initiatives such as Building Beautiful Futures are needed to level the playing field. Search shows racial disparities surrounding higher education financial aid persist. Actress Storm Reid will serve as an ambassador for the initiative.

“College is hard enough, and worrying about how to pay doesn’t make it any better,” Reid shared in a statement. “This scholarship is an opportunity to ease some of that financial burden and help young black women achieve their dreams.” Jessica L. BrownPresident of the College Gurl Foundation, added that through the collaborative effort, Dark & ​​Lovely and her nonprofit are “championing education and sprinkling our black girl magic to close the opportunity gap for generations to come!”


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