Despite Setback, Growing Alumni Group Still Looking to Change Columbus High School Name | Education News


Supporters of the Columbus name change

Mary Baker (Class of 1965)

Kathryn Beecher (Class of 2006)

Mat Beecher (Class of 1998)

Dale Blesz (Class of 1978)

Cynthia Blonigan (Class of 1965)

Jennifer Duggan Caslavka (Class of 1995)

Kathy Faucher Carper (class of 1976)

Jerry Cavanaugh (Class of 1967)

Judith Condon (class of 1967)

Mollie Knipp Day (Class of 1995)

Erin Duggan (Class of 1999)

Mary Dutcher (Class of 1966)

John Farley (Class of 1967)

Edward Gallagher III (class of 1967)

Angie Gray (Class of 1985)

Helen Hellman (class 1965)

Hedy Hackenmiller Hustedde (class of 1968)

Bill Hustedde (Class of 1962)

Michael Hustedde (class of 1968)

Beth Schuman Jones (Class of 1995)

Jared Jones (Class of 1992)

Father George Karnik (former professor of the SCH)

Mary beckey kelly

Tim Lane (Class of 1967)

Debbie Lanich, (class of 1967)

Cynthia Hohlfeld Marsh (Class of 1966)

John McCoy (Class of 1968)

Margaret McCoy (Class of 1973)

Jackie Mechtel (Class of 1968)

Vernona Neppel Myers

Connie Hohlfeld Molbeck (Class of 1965)

Patrick Morrissey (class of 1967)

Teresa Paul (class of 1966)

Anna Hustedde Picklo (class of 1977)

Sue Quirk Powers (Class of 1976)

Mary Krapfl Pritchard (Class of 1967)

Rose Quirk (Class of 1975)

Teresa Quirk Racette (class of 1972)

Colleen Roberts (Class of 1967)

Theresa Roche-Cooper (class of 1965)

Mary Rogers-Sullivan (Class of 1977)

Dave Riley (Class of 1972)

Linda Sandoval (class of 1965)

Susan Sinnwell (Class of 1965)

Margaret Hustedde Skelton (class of 1965)

Katherine Jean Vilmain (Class of 1969)

William J. Wettengel (class of 1966)

Beth siddens

Pat Wiss (former CHS professor)

Lauren Coffman Wingers (Class of 1975)

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