Emergency outreach effort equips homeless San Antonio with winter necessities

Christian Assistance Ministry, along with members of the SAPD, took to the streets of downtown on Sunday to encourage residents to seek shelter before the freezing cold.

SAN ANTONIO – As soon as local homeless outreach organizations learned of Sunday’s drop in temperature, they launched into action to gather supplies for those who need them most.

Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM), for example, is taking the lead. They took to the streets of downtown San Antonio on Sunday night to alert homeless people in the city of the freezing temperatures that were heading for the area.

CAM loaded vans with donations of winter necessities to give to the homeless, as part of an emergency outreach effort this weekend.

“We’re putting together blankets, jackets, hand warmers, hats, gloves and things to stay warm tonight,” said Valerie Salas, director of homelessness services for CAM.

The organization encouraged members of the downtown homeless community to take shelter from the freezing temperatures.

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“We are very lucky not only to have the space, but also to have volunteers,” said Salas. “Also the donors and donors who come to bring us daily donations to serve the community.”

Donations come from individuals in the community as well as other churches and organizations, such as First Presbyterian Church and Church Under the Bridge.

On Sunday, CAM partnered with SAPD to deliver the supplies. This collaboration, according to Salas, is crucial, as the police are the frontline workers in the city center.

“They know the homeless very well,” she explained. “They are the first to call us when they see that a homeless person needs help or a homeless person is ready to get off the street or needs some kind of immediate service.”

As donations poured in, Salas says CAM now has enough to give to other outreach organizations across San Antonio during the first weeks of winter.

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To find out more about CAM and if you or someone you know can benefit from their services, click here.

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