Enfield student scholarship created to remember Karen Dion

John Dion simply wanted to be remembered for his sister, Karen, and created a scholarship to help an Enfield High School graduate achieve their college goals.

Karen graduated in 1977 from Enfield High School and then attended Asnuntuck Community College. John and Karen had four other siblings, all from the Enfield school system.

Karen passed away in October 2020. Dion established the $40,000 Karen Dion Memorial Scholarship last summer, through her own private foundation, and plans to have it annual for the foreseeable future.

“It’s probably going to go up, because the cost of education is going to go up,” he said.

The scholarship will go to a senior graduate who wishes to pursue a college education in their chosen field at any public college or university in Connecticut. Dion said it was a need-based scholarship and the candidate to receive it would be determined by a committee of school officials.

“The committee will help by reviewing requests for financial aid,” Dion said. “They will select a student who is worthy of a scholarship but who also has a need. My intention is that the recipient each year be someone who might not otherwise go to college. It might just bring the family to the point where a college student can go.

Although he is not actively seeking donations, Dion said if he receives offerings from other donors, he will offer more scholarships.

“What I would do is say we’re going to give another scholarship,” he said.

Dion said her family was close and tight-knit and a scholarship in her sister’s name was the best way to honor her. He thinks the schools at Enfield have a lot to do with his sister’s character, as well as his own and that of his siblings.

“I didn’t know of any other way,” he said. “Maybe it’s a way of remembering her. It’s a way of maybe giving back, and maybe giving back to someone or maybe someone, over the years. , who has more in common with me than the people I’ve worked with, worked with and worked for me for over the past 35 years.

Karen studied accountancy and had two daughters, who are now adults and also went to school in Enfield. She previously worked for US Specialty Retailing in Enfield, then worked approximately 20 years for the State of Connecticut.

Students interested in applying for the scholarship can do so through the EHS Guidance Office. The application deadline is mid-April.

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