ERLC places first international ultrasound machine in pro-life Christian ministry in Northern Ireland


Project Psalm 139, a pro-life ministry of the Ethics and Religious Freedom Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, has placed its first international ultrasound machine with Hope House, a Christian ministry seeking to love the life of the mother and the baby during pregnancy and beyond. .

This is ERLC’s first international partnership with a local organization in Northern Ireland to equip Christians to deal with the unfolding abortion crisis there.

A group from the ERLC, including Elizabeth Graham, vice president of operations and life initiatives of the ERLC, personally delivered the ultrasound device to Hope House today to begin training its staff in this work which save lives.

“After a year and a half of planning, I am delighted to be here in Northern Ireland to deliver our first international ultrasound machine to the wonderful ministry of Hope House,” Graham said. “These machines have proven to be life-saving tools for organizations dedicated to serving both vulnerable mothers and unborn children. My prayer is that many women will be helped and babies saved through the ministry of Hope House and that abortion will become unthinkable and unnecessary not only in Northern Ireland but around the world.

Brent Leatherwood, Acting President of ERLC, highlighted the importance of the international pro-life work of the ERLC.

“As our American pro-life work continues at a steady pace, the ERLC also recognizes this urgent and heartbreaking need that cannot be ignored in Northern Ireland,” Leatherwood said. “Just as the Supreme Court imposed an abortion regime on our nation in 1973, so has Parliament in Northern Ireland. As they face their own Roe deer moment, it is imperative that we stand up for life with our brothers and sisters in this part of the world, equip them with life-saving technologies, and pray for them as they give hope to those who are. in crisis so that they can choose life.

The pro-life partner entities, in addition to the ERLC, focused on Northern Ireland, include:

  • Both Lives Matter, a campaign that advocates for both mother and unborn child;
  • Evangelical Alliance, an organization that unites Christians across the UK on issues of importance to believers.

ERLC’s Psalm 139 project is focused on helping pregnancy resource centers by securing ultrasound devices and providing training in their use. The centers use the machines in their lifesaving work to support women and families in crisis pregnancy, helping many people make the choice of life.

One hundred percent of the financial contributions earmarked for the Psalm 139 project go towards the purchase of ultrasound devices and the training of workers. No cooperative program resources are used for these machines. Learn more at

Editor’s Note – This article was provided by staff of the Ethics and Religious Freedom Commission.

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