Evangelical pastors talk about Bible prophecy, End Times


Reverend Jack Hibbs, pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California led a talk titled Prophecy Q&A on October 19, 2021. |

Pastors who refuse to preach on Bible prophecy fail to “teach 20 to 40 percent of the Bible,” said Jack Hibbs, pastor of Chino Hills Calvary Chapel in Southern California.

Hibbs’ remarks came as part of the Questions and Answers on Prophecies event held at Calvery Chapel where Pastor was joined by Jan Markell, Director of Olive Tree Ministries, Pastor Barry Stagner of Calvary Chapel Tustin in Costa Mesa, Calif., and Amir Tsarfati, the founder of the nonprofit This is Israel.

Hibbs urged pastors not to abandon the teaching of prophecy, adding that “The book of Revelation, chapter 19, tells us that ‘Jesus Himself is the Spirit of prophecy.’ Jesus said, ‘I am giving you these things in advance, so when they happen you will know that I Am … the Eternal God existing by Himself.’ ”

He added that in some seminars Bible prophecy is no longer taught, which he says is problematic because eschatology classes teach the prophetic Word given by God, the Messiah, and salvation.

“People are going to pay $ 100,000 to get their Doctor of Divinity and come out of it supposedly to pastor a church and the world around them is prophetic whether they like it or not,” Hibbs said on Oct. 19. Event. “It’s happening and they don’t know what to do. They don’t know what to say, so they avoid it because they have never been taught in seminaries.

“It’s not a good start. Be careful where you go to the seminar if you go. It’s sad, ”lamented Hibbs.

Even Jesus rebuked his disciples when they did not believe in prophets and prophecies, Tsarfati said, because they “failed” the plan of the God of salvation who is the Messiah.

“As far as I’m concerned, when they leave prophecy aside… it’s the number one sign of awakening and progress and it’s the progression of the world,” Tsarfati added. “The believer’s progression is when he realizes that it was Jesus. The progression of the church that is not in Jesus is [going] on the road to shame, embarrassment and sadness.

While he emphasized that pastors should teach prophecy, Tsarfati said people should not stop attending a particular church just because it does not teach prophecy. Because, he added, “being surrounded by other Christians is important”.

Christians in these scenarios, he said, should seek knowledge of Bible prophecy and other prophets if their churches do not offer this information.

“How many times have you met people who say, ‘we don’t have a church about 10, 20 miles away? [of us]? ‘ I say this: If it’s the only church around, go and take some supplements. And the supplements are online – watching others teach Bible prophecy because you don’t get that in your church, ”Tsarfati advised. “If they’re the only church around, you don’t want to not go to church. You need this fellowship.

Asked about his thoughts on progressive preachers, Stagner said he avoids listening to preachers who deny the existence of prophecy and prophets.

“I don’t listen to this nonsense. … That brings me too quickly to the phrase “shut up,” Stagner replied. “If you hear [in church] more about improving your life situation and solving society’s problems, than you hear about being equipped to bring people into the Kingdom of God, go.

Stagner said that, unfortunately, around the world many people are “forced” into the only churches available in their communities that have pastors intimidated by the idea of ​​teaching about prophecy and prophets. He said there should be no excuse for pastors to avoid parts of the Bible, and that every pastor should make the effort to study the scriptures to fully understand all parts of the Bible.

“Prophecy and prophets are part of the Book. It is to be taught as you discover it in the scriptures. You can’t just ignore these things because they’re difficult, ”Stagner advised. “If we skipped anything that was hard or difficult, we would be teaching John 3:16 every week because everyone knows it. But there are things in the scriptures that are difficult to deal with.

“These things require a lot of study and homework to understand them fully and completely, especially in light of the times we live in today. And it takes that effort to get in and extract these things. And not everyone is ready to do it. But they should be, ”Stagner continued.

At the end of the event, the panelists discussed their vision of the end times and how, in the last days, “the Antichrist will come to Earth”.

Hibbs predicted that the US dollar would “collapse”.

“Scripture says [the anti-Christ] will deceive the world. Something economically has to collapse: the US dollar soon, with what’s going on, and there’s going to be a need for a new economy, ”Hibbs said. “The Antichrist is going to have the answer and he is going to bring peace because there is going to be Mayhem.”

If a believer does not look forward to waiting for Jesus to return, Tsarfati said, “There is something terribly wrong with their understanding of the Scriptures.

“The believer must have this expectation of Jesus’ return to get him out of here. And if he didn’t, he probably never studied [Scriptures] understand how important it is and [there’s] a big problem with your Christian understanding if you don’t have that, ”he said.

The speakers all agreed that the world would not stay the same during the tribulation.

“The whole geopolitical landscape will change during the tribulation. … Everything will change during the tribulation, ”Stagner said.

“Everything will change in a moment,” he added. “If you have the heavenly spirit, you will want to do more good because you will want to take people with you. We have a mandate from God: the Great Commission. Save those who are drawn to death. We are here to save souls. This is exciting. To act in the name of God. Christians will be able to deal with whatever happens to them during the end times. “

While echoing predictions of end-time events, Tsarfati added that the world will welcome the antichrist to bring peace amid chaos. Christians, he said, should recognize that Jesus said he was coming back and “he wants to find his disciples doing his business.”

“People will celebrate the death of God’s people. The moral standard will change so drastically. It’s gonna be horrible. In the future, beheading will be the practice of the governments of the world, ”he predicted with reference to the time of tribulation. “Whoever does not take this Mark of the beast when the beast is here to rule the world, his head will be cut off. It won’t be a crime.

Hibbs stressed that Christians, however, will not have to deal with the tribulations associated with the end of biblical times: “Can we be clear that if you are a born again Christian believing you will not see it.

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