Excision Reveals New Producer Scholarship Fund Is In The Works

Excision Reveals New Producer Scholarship Fund Is In The Works

For many, the name Circumcision sits above the rest on the mountain of dance music greats. Between its earth-shattering drops and unique visuals, the king of bass (Jeff Abel) has carved out a place of its own in the realm of music icons. However, through all of his amazing accomplishments over the years, his greatest might be yet to come. In an interview with Forbes, where he discussed the release of his new album ‘Onyx,’ Excision revealed that he was working on a scholarship fund for promising producers.

Excision opened up in the interview about how he was blessed with the resources he had at the time and understands that not everyone has that opportunity. He said the goal of the scholarship is to fund promising young producers “who need more time and resources to reach their potential.”

“I really want to support artists who have outsized creative potential but are stuck in dead-end jobs or other commitments that prevent them from spending time practicing. I was lucky when I reached adulthood because I received a small settlement from a car accident that allowed me to leave my job from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., pay my living expenses and buying a good computer and studio monitors so I can really focus on the music. It really helped me level up and get things done quickly, so I want to be able to pass it on to some next-gen producers. – Circumcision, Forbes

Excision is a model for many producers striving to create bass music, and rightly so. This new venture will not only spotlight many new artists trying to make a name for themselves in the industry and just need a little help, but it might also uncover the next biggest artist.

There are no further details on the scholarship fund at this time. The name or an official announcement has not yet taken place. The timing of when remains unknown.

Image credit: Terrence Blanton

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