Fans of Kevin Smith, Clerks III is launched!


In 1994, a very young Jeff Deminski and a very young Bill Doyle invited a very young Kevin Smith to their show on NJ101.5. It was the first year of our first broadcast and Smith had just enjoyed the theatrical release of “Clerks”.

We talked about how he used all the credit cards he had to make his low-budget independent film about Quick Stop in Leonardo, a place he actually worked. He won awards at Sundance and Cannes. We talked about clean writing. We were fans.

A decade and much success later, Kevin Smith joined us in the studio for an hour in Detroit and had become one of the best storytellers you can imagine. A really nice guy, smart and incredibly talented.

He told us a story about J Lo coming to his house upset after breaking up with Ben Affleck and using his bathroom. Let’s just say he realized after she fled into a weird, anxious collapse that he had no toilet paper in the bathroom she had used and… well… a towel was missing. It was one of the funniest Hollywood stories I have ever heard.

Hollywood received a “Clerks II” in 2006. That’s where Mooby’s comes from; the fictional fast-food restaurant that later became a pop-up restaurant.

But Smith always wanted another “Clerks” who would be shot in New Jersey at the Quick Stop where it all began. He promised it for years. There were scripts and plans and ideas and nothing came of the light.

Well, it’s finally happening.

A very Socratic Kevin Smith is in heaven. I think for him it’s life (and the shadow of death, with the heart attack theme of the film) that comes full circle. With so much love and passion for this project, I can’t see it not being great.

For all of us so young, when we sat in theaters watching “Clerks” in the ’90s and chasing the success of one of our own Gen-Xers, it will be like a high school reunion. Review Dante and Randal and what became of them. Without forgetting Silent Bob, Jay, Veronica (next ???!), And all the rest.

I actually think I’ll be seeing this one at Princeton MarketFair, the same place I saw ‘Clerks’ in 1994.

Because, you know, the circle has come full circle.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. All opinions expressed are those of Jeff Deminski.

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