Father Dennis Dempsey killed in traffic accident; NH + C offering boosters for all vaccines; School district assesses the number of registrations


by Rich Larson

Father Dennis Dempsey, a beloved figure at St. Dominic’s Church in Northfield, was killed Monday in a bicycle accident at the

Father Dennis Dempsey (courtesy St. Dominic Church)

intersection of county roads 42 and 145e Street in Rosemount.

Father Denny, as he liked to be called, was the pastor of St. Dominic’s from 2004 to 2019.

Dempsey grew up in southern Minneapolis. Writing about his life for the website of the Church of the Risen Savior in Burnsville, Dempsey said he was prompted to join seminary as a teenager and did so in 1962. After more than 8 years of studies, he decided that the priesthood was not the life he was supposed to lead. He spent the next ten years as an educator, hitchhiking and cycling across the country. Eventually he became a youth minister with a program called Manalive in St. Paul, where he met a woman who encouraged him to become a priest.

“It’s not my calling,” Dempsey wrote, “but one night, to get her off my back, I told her I’d pray about it if she promised to never talk about it again. I did and three weeks later called the seminary.

“After I started seminary in 1962, I was finally ordained a priest in 1980. ‘ “

Dempsey spent five years working in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul Mission in Venezuela, where he learned to speak Spanish fluently. After returning to Minnesota in 1999, he spent time in St. Francis and St. James parishes before coming to Northfield, largely because there was a need for Spanish-speaking clergy.

In 2019, Dempsey said he felt a deep need to return to Venezuela and served there for two years, before returning to Minnesota in June and taking up the post of pastor at the Church of the Risen Savior.

Contacted for comment, Dave Hutton, a director of Savior Risen, said Dempsey made a big impression in a very short period of time and would be remembered “very, very fondly”.

“He was such an amazing person,” Hutton said, “and he made such a positive impact. Five minutes after you met him, you couldn’t help but love the guy. He had a genuine love for him. others, especially people who lived on the margins. ”

The driver of the vehicle that collided with Dempsey’s bicycle has been taken into custody and may be charged with manslaughter.

Farther Dennis Dempsey was 73 years old.

Northfield Hospitals + Clinics Expands Recall Wait List Eligibility to All Vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced expanded eligibility for boosters on Monday. The CDC now allows boosters for anyone vaccinated, regardless of the vaccine received, and allows mixing of vaccines as a booster. Therefore, a person who has received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may receive a Pfizer or Moderna booster, or a person vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine may receive a Pfizer or J&J vaccine. No matter what has been received in the past, the CDC no longer regulates strict adherence to a vaccination brand.

Northfield Hospital + Clinics announced shortly after the CDC released the new guidelines that eligibility for their waitlist for booster injections has been expanded to include anyone vaccinated with any of the vaccines.

The guidelines for those eligible for a recall state that anyone over the age of 65 is eligible. Anyone over the age of 18 living in a long-term care facility, people with certain medical conditions, or those who work or live in a high-risk environment are also eligible.

NH + C said those who have received a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine are eligible six months after receiving their second dose. Those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are eligible after two months.

NH + C asks people on the waiting list not to contact the clinic for an appointment until they have been contacted by text or phone. To join the list, visit northfieldhospital.org.

As expected, the district enrollment report shows a decline

The Northfield School Board received the enrollment report for the 2021-22 school year at its Monday evening meeting. Superintendent of public schools, Dr Matt Hillmann, said the numbers were down from last year, as predicted.

This year there are 3,810 students enrolled in Northfield Public Schools, a decrease of about 20 students from last year. Hillmann said the district commissioned an enrollment study nearly eight years ago that predicted a loss of about 200 students over a ten-year period. As Northfield is an aging community with a severe housing shortage, there are fewer families in the district with school-aged children than two years ago. Graduating classes outnumbered entering classes, and this is a trend, he said, that will continue.

The report looked at education options for all students in the Northfield School District and found that 875 students attend a school other than Northfield. Of these, 287 are in charter schools, 258 attend a school in another district, 180 are home-schooled and 128 attend a private school. There are 454 students in Northfield schools who live outside the district, most of whom are from Faribault.

Hillmann said the number of students in the district choosing to attend a school that is not a Northfield public school does not surprise him.

“When we look at this at the end of the day, we have improved in terms of student nest loss, but we will still have fewer incoming than outgoing students because we have two thriving charter schools that we allow, and we also have a great partner at St. Dominic School right here in Northfield which is another great option.

Hillmann has said in the past that the district has a plan to deal with declining enrollment, and that will include budget cuts, or as he put it “budget prioritization,” for the 2022-2023 school year. .

Jeff Johnson’s full conversation with Northfield Schools Superintendent Dr Matt Hillmann can be heard here

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