Four Loyola students receive Gilman scholarship to study abroad


Loyola announced over the summer that four students have been awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad in the 2020-2021 school year.
It comes after a year of inability to send students abroad due to COVID-19.
The Gilman Scholarship enables students who are financially constrained and who have been historically under-represented to enhance their learning experience by spending a semester abroad, giving them the opportunity to acquire skills in various languages ​​and cultures, according to Gilman Scholarship Association.
The major in psychological sciences, Demia Buford, is one of the recipients of the Gilman Fellowship. Buford said she looks forward to spending the spring semester of the junior year meeting people with different experiences than hers while studying abroad in South Korea at Chung-Ang University.
“I want to study abroad in Seoul because I want to know their opinions on their teenage mental health issues,” Buford said due to his specialization in neuroscience. “I also want to go and hear about the experiences of adolescents and my peers as children with mental health issues and how this affected their life choices at a young age.”
To study abroad Councilor Wyatt Boykin explained that studying abroad offers unique personal, professional and academic benefits to the individual and that every student should have the opportunity to experience them, regardless of their financial situation.
Boykin noted that the scholarship program has been successful in helping first-generation students, students with disabilities, and minority students achieve the goal of studying abroad.
“Only about 25% of applicants receive a scholarship in any given cycle,” Boykin said. “We are delighted and extremely proud to have four recipients on this tour.”
Business junior Ajla Ibranovic, another recipient, was originally scheduled to spend her semester in Germany, but the program was canceled due to COVID-19. She is now using her Gilman scholarship to study virtually with other students in Madrid, Spain. As a large company, she said it was a great opportunity for her to network and expand her love for fashion.
“It gives me more chance to be able to interact with other cultures, languages ​​and of course with other people,” said Ibranovic. “Although I will be virtual, I am still very excited to work with people abroad and in my area of ​​interest. “
Conor Baudier and Anastasia Perez are the latest two students to receive the Gilman scholarship. Baudier is currently studying abroad in Tokyo and Perez in South Korea. Neither student could be reached for comment.

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