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Another voucher is the red zone sponsor. Each time a team crosses the 20-yard line, it is in the red zone (insert name of sponsor). I use it on my shows.

The first time I heard it was during a Davidson game. The Jacksonville University radio team was really loud and my colored man Ryan Arnold and I could hear it every time the Dolphins walked into the 20. Ryan and I were pretty sure you could hear them. hear on our show and finally I said this talk about Taco Bell makes me hungry – we have to use a red zone food sponsor.

Several years ago at WEGO I had a sponsor for the group’s halftime performance. Our friends at Music-N-More on Church Street (no longer in business) seemed perfectly suited as they sold and maintained musical instruments.

The group is a big part of football.

The Mount Pleasant Marching Tiger Band is getting ready to play before the game with South Stanly.

Mark Plemmons, Independent Tribune

Groups and participation. I don’t know if it’s a rant or just an observation. Have you noticed how small high school bands are now?

Last week I was at the Mount Pleasant-South Stanly game at Larry Honeycutt Field at Tiger Stadium. It was the smallest group of Tigers I have ever seen.

It was the same for Central Cabarrus earlier this season (everyone remembers the national championship caliber groups of the past at Central). Ditto north-west of Cabarrus. Same goes for Jay M. Robinson, but they worked hard to raise money for a trip to Pearl Harbor on December 7th. Get details here: Check out a photo from the Robinson Group Lifestyles section today.

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