Greensboro teenager wins state vaccine lottery scholarship


Jessica Klima plans to use the scholarship money to study physiotherapy at university. She hopes to attend a university in Greensboro.

GREENSBORO, NC – The Greensboro teenager who won the state’s second vaccine lottery scholarship is excited about her next steps.

Sixteen-year-old Jessica Klima won $ 125,000 in scholarships at the Summer Cash 4 School of North Carolina drawing.

“I still can’t believe it,” said her mother, Joanna Klima, “We were jumping, we were screaming, we were crying because it’s a big, big surprise.”

Jessica and Joanna Klima met Grace Holland from WFMY News 2 after returning from the drawing.

Joanna Klima said they learned the news when they received a phone call from the secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Dr Mandy Cohen.

The family moved to Greensboro five years ago from New Jersey, where Jessica and her little sister were born.

His parents immigrated from Poland. Her father works as a truck driver and her mother stays at home.

“When I saw parents getting vaccinated, I decided to get the vaccine, to protect myself and others, even my family,” said Jessica Klima.

The rising junior said she doesn’t mind distance learning and has chosen to stay home instead of returning to classes in person during the spring semester.

The decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine was limited to keeping her mother healthy.

“If I get COVID-19. I don’t think I’ll get there because I have a heart problem. A serious heart problem,” said Joanna Klima.

Jessica received her first dose of the vaccine at the end of June. She is due to receive her second dose next week.

Her mother said she felt more secure now that she, her husband and her eldest daughter had the vaccine. The scholarship brings a different piece of peace of mind about Jessica’s future.

She wants to be a physiotherapist after seeing her father recover from a car accident when she was younger.

“It helps a lot because when I go into this college I don’t have to pay for that money alone,” Jessica Klima said.

She pleads for others to choose to get theirs too.

“They will have protection to protect themselves and others, to stop the spread of the virus,” she said.

Jessica Klima doesn’t want to go far when she goes to college. She hopes to attend North Carolina A&T University.

There are two more chances of winning that scholarship or that million dollar prize. The third draw will take place on July 21.

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