Haitian gang abducts 17 people from bus

Haiti (MNN) — The Haitian gang that kidnapped several Christian missionaries last year took at least 17 other hostages of a tourist bus. The attack took place outside Port-au-Prince and involved eight Turkish nationals.

Kidnappings in Haiti have increased dramatically over the past two years. More than 1,200 people have been taken away in 2021 alone.

Fight between gangs

Fighting between gangs has severely disrupted daily life in Haiti, says Greg Yoder with Awareness of the Christian world. “This caused problems traveling from place to place, especially in Port-au-Prince, but even getting to some outlying areas near Port-au-Prince.”

The fighting once spilled over to a CWO ministry site. Yoder says, “One of the seminaries had to move because the gangs were fighting. They were on either side, kind of fighting through the seminary. So they had to move. »

Shootings between the gangs shut down 1,700 schools in and around Port-au-Prince. After the assassination of the president Jovenel Moisegangs clashed and local police in a power struggle.


CWO a operated in Haiti since 1978. They have worked with eight churches, training and strengthening leadership. The ministry also provides vocational training for women and meals for children. Since 2010, CWO has worked in a small farming community called Laluene, providing health care, nutrition and Bible studies.

Pray for the safety of CWO personnel. Yoder says, “They have to travel, especially to Port-au-Prince, and go to women’s training centers. Pray for the safety of the church there. We have been ministering in this neighborhood for a long time. We have a good reputation in this neighborhood because we have helped many of these families.

CWO has not been able to visit churches in Haiti since before COVID-19. Pray for peace in Port-au-Prince.

Header photo courtesy of David_Peterson on Pixabay.

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