HGTV star Luke Caldwell’s family play a vital role in his life


If you’ve ever watched hit shows from HGTV the boys of wood Where too big, chances are you know Luke Caldwell. In both programs, he and his close friend Clint Robertson work together to select homes in the greater Boise area for renovation. Luke takes care of the design aspect of the job while Clint takes care of the actual renovations.

Although many fans know Luke from his skills as a home renovator, his family and personal life in general may still remain a mystery to some. So what do we know about Luke’s family and other details about his life outside of his work on the boys of wood and too big? Read on to find out who his wife and kids are as well as his favorite hobbies, like being in a group.

Luke Caldwell’s family is quite large. He and his wife Miranda Caldwell share eight children together.

Luke may be well known for his home repair skills, but his efforts as a family man are equally if not more commendable. Luke is the father of eight children, three of whom he and his wife, Miranda Caldwell, gave birth, and five more the couple adopted. The children’s names are Morris, Darla, Elias, Brighten, Promise, Ezra, Arrow, and Tucker.

According to Luke’s official website, his family is “really the spark in [his] life that motivates [him] to be better, to work harder and to love more. “He adds that having so many loved ones” is the greatest treasure [he] could ever reach in this lifetime. “

Luke and Miranda were teenage lovers who decided to tie the knot on June 30, 2002. Since then, they have focused entirely on building and maintaining a large and loving family unit.

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Through People, the trips Luke and Miranda took earlier in their lives (to India and Romania, respectively) opened their eyes to the gravity of the situation for many orphaned children around the world. These powerful scenes instilled in them a desire to become adoptive parents as they grew older.

Source: Instagram

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Over the years, Luke and Miranda have developed a relationship with a specific Chinese orphanage, starting with the adoption of their son, Morris. The couple then adopted four children from the same location, all of whom have special needs.

Luc said People that the process was both challenging and rewarding, saying, “It takes time to build that bond, that trust and that connection with your child, it doesn’t happen overnight. This is probably the hardest thing. “

Through hard work, devout faith, and a lot of love, Luke and Miranda’s family have come a long way in the past decade. On Instagram, Luke makes sure to keep his many fans up to date with events in his personal life. He shares the immense affection he has for Miranda and her children quite regularly online.

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Luke Caldwell

Source: Instagram

Besides family, Luke is also part of a band that does Christian music.

One of the lesser-known aspects of Luke’s life is his affinity for music. The HGTV star is the lead member of a group called Luke Caldwell, which bears his name. Previously, the group was known as the Grand Prize, and later as Esterlyn. It is a Christian cult group that released their debut album “Call Out” in 2010, selling over 25,000 units as independent artists.

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With an emphasis on Christian ministry, missions and the adoption of children, the Luke Caldwell group performs primarily at Christian events and churches. They have become very popular in the Christian music scene. In 2011, their song “Freedom is Here” made it to the top 10 radio singles on Air1 radio. At Billboard, that same song reached number 28 in the “Hot Christian Songs” chart.

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