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Courtesy Photo Holy Name Catholic School Principal Joseph Carlson (K-8) welcomes and directs new students to the new Holy Name High School – A Chesterton Academy on Monday August 30. Students have been in class at the school for a few weeks now, but the historic significance of being the first class to attend the school since it closed 50 years ago has not been lost on the students or the students. community members who support them.

ESCANABA – The first day of high school: The mere thought of this can be enough to reignite nervousness for many – making new friends, learning new subjects, meeting new teachers… The list goes on. The new students at Holy Name High School – A Chesterton Academy, didn’t just have that; they were pioneers.

On Monday August 30, 13 students from across UP became the first students to walk through the doors of the newly reopened HNHS and now have the privilege of saying they were the first students in the Escanaba area to attend a Catholic high school. school in 50 years.

While it might seem difficult to deal with at just 14 or 15, the graduates before them – even though their first day was decades ago – wanted them to know they are praying for them and understand what they are going through. . . The school reopened with freshmen and sophomores, with plans to add a junior and then a senior class over the next two years.

HNHS graduates were among hundreds of attendees on the school’s first day of welcoming.

“I remember my first day at Holy Name High School. I came from Flat Rock to attend Holy Name after eighth grade so I was meeting a whole new group of people which at the time was really tough. I remember being scared before going ”, said Bonnie Pepin, a 1965 HNHS graduate.

One thing is for sure: new HNHS students have a huge support system.

“We are all there to support them – the alumni, the administration and their parents”, Pepin added. “If there is one thing I could say to the students, it is to be patient and to pray. We will pray for them.

It’s not just HNHS graduates praying for new students and the success of the school, which is now in its fourth week of operation.

“I’ve been praying for this since the kids graduated from eighth grade,” said Tricia Pendergraft, mother of HNHS students, Brooklyn and Noah. “It’s God’s will, and the fact that Holy Name has partnered with Gladstone High School for athletics and after-school activities makes it even better.”

While most of the students were a little nervous about starting their new classes at their new school, one student summed up her feelings on the first day.

“I’m excited,” said sophomore Katelyn Rexford. “I’m just really excited.”

“I don’t think they (the students) realize how important it is to reopen Holy Name High School,” Pendergraft said. “I think in the end, however, it will strengthen their character. Doing difficult things – and doing them successfully – makes it easier to meet life’s challenges. “

HNHS first opened in Escanaba in 1954. One of the first class to attend HNHS for the four years, Bob Bink, said he was confident the new students would have a great experience, as he did.

“I know it will be a great opportunity for the students” said Bink, who graduated in 1958. “I would like to tell new students that they are starting a new school like we did, and it will be a unique experience for them. You will have the opportunity to have an intimate education in the sense that you will benefit from the individual help of excellent teachers.

“I think this school is wonderful for this community,” Bink added, “and I am convinced that God will continue the growth of Holy Name High School.”

New HNHS students start each day with Mass. Opening Day Mass was celebrated by Father Fran DeGroot, and concelebrated by Fathers Rick Courier and Timothy Ferguson, and attended by Deacon Terry Saunders. After Mass, Delta County Ambassadors celebrated the reopening of HNHS with a ribbon cutting by Father Courier, followed by a reception in St. Anne’s Parish Hall.

For more information on Holy Name High School, visit www.highschool.holynamecrusaders.com, email Principal Mark Surrell at [email protected] or call Michelle Bink, Director of Development and Alumni at Holy Name , at 906-786-7550, ext. 20.

The school is located at 2203 7th Ave. South, in Escanaba.

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