How will the North Mianus of Greenwich work in the former Trinity Catholic of Stamford?


GREENWICH – For a group of Greenwich elementary students, their next classroom experience will have the curious distinction of taking place in Stamford.

Students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 at North Mianus School will temporarily attend class 4.5 miles from the original school of the former Trinity Catholic High School which closed in 2020.

North Mianus students were moved in February when a ceiling collapse caused a pipe to burst, flooding the oldest wing of a building built in the 1930s. Some classes returned to this part of the building. in March, but others were bused to different schools in the district.

This spring, school officials reported that repairs would not be completed in time for the fall semester, forcing district administrators to find another site. Schools Superintendent Toni Jones announced at a school board meeting in May that the district had found a temporary home in the old Trinity School.

She said a total of $ 170,000 per month, or $ 850,000 for five months August through December, was budgeted for renting the property.

According to the district, Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 will remain in the undamaged portions of the North Mianus building during the fall semester.

North Mianus students will share the Trinity campus – which includes two separate buildings – with the new Cardinal Kung Academy, a college preparatory high school, on the campus at 948 Newfield Ave. Public school students will share the main Trinity building with Cardinal Kung’s recently launched Early Years School, which will open in September 2021 with around 120 students enrolled.

North Mianus principal Angela Schmidt recently answered a few questions about North Mianus’ temporary move to the former Trinity School.

Q: Who will be the Chief On-Site Administrator of the Trinity site?

A: Kathleen Smith-Ramirez will be based at the North Mianus Stamford campus. She is our new Deputy Director and we will work closely together to ensure the smooth running of both campuses.

Q: How will the transport work?

A: We will have buses on the Riverside campus to pick up the students and take them to the Stamford campus. They will return to North Mianus at the end of the day.

Q: How many buses will be transporting students to and from the Trinity site?

A: Eight school buses will be used.

Q: Are there concerns about entering and exiting the bus in a congested area?

A: The buses have been assigned to different routes to the Stamford campus, so they should be able to navigate the roads. Although the traffic on some days can be unpredictable, I live in this area and have had no problem making the round trip each day in the past. If there is a problem, we will refine the schedule as needed.

Q: Will police officers be needed to direct the buses?

A: It has not yet been determined.

Q: Will a school nurse be on site?

A: A full time nurse has been hired for the Stamford campus.

Q: Will there be art classes?

A: Yes, there is a fully functional art room.

Q: Where will the gym class take place?

A: Physical education classes will be held in the gymnasium or outdoors, weather permitting. There is a large gym on site.

Q: Where will lunch be served in the building? Will lunch be brought from Greenwich?

A: There are cafeterias where the students go to eat. Lunch will come from Greenwich.

Q: Will staff have to split their time between the Greenwich and Stamford sites?

A: Yes, some of our specialists will be visiting both locations to provide physical education, art and music as well as additional services as needed. This is not uncommon in many of our schools.

Q: Has the school or district received any complaints from parents regarding the decision to be temporarily at the Trinity location?

A: Our community has been great.

Q: What does the administration think about the temporary move? Is there confidence that it will work well? Even excitement? Concern?

A: I am very happy. The Stamford campus is beautiful and there is plenty of room for our grades 3 to 5 students. Having Kindergarten to Grade 2 students together at our Riverside site has enabled us to meet early childhood needs on a campus. I will miss the reunion of all of our students, but I look forward to the time when we become one campus again.

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