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Minister Marion Hall, former Queen of Dancehall Lady Saw, has caused a stir on social media after announcing she will be stepping down from her online Christian ministry.

Asking the “Lord to forgive her,” Hall dropped the bombshell on Tuesday night (February 8), after weeks of heated brouhaha between herself, the undisputed queen of Dancehall Spice and other female Dancehall artists that Hall branded her contenders in a “race to hell” during one of her controversial Sunday Facebook sermons in January.

“To all Christians and non-Christians, who have clashed with me and my ministry. Congratulations on your mission to bring me down. You did it successfully,” i got jesus wrote the singer in an Instagram post.

“I have decided to leave my vocation and I will no longer preach on any social media platform. May the Lord forgive me.

On Facebook, Hall confirmed, “Yeah, you got it right. I leave the ministry.

This, of course, is a major twist after Minister Hall announced in her Sunday (February 6) sermon that she was completely adamant about recruiting the ladies of Dancehall for Christ, no matter what the “fight” that she was getting from Christians and not. – Christians alike.

“People of God, the Lord has said it is the harvest season and I will go down and reap them. I will reap them from every corner, all over Dancehall; if I have to come out there and go and do the work , impose everything, that’s where I go. And if that brings you up against me, that’s okay. I will reap for the Kingdom of God, “she said Sunday during her live on Facebook .

As an ordained minister and gospel artist, Hall had avoided the Dancehall space and accompanying speeches since his baptism in 2015. She established her church, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ Pentecostal Church, online in 2020, with plans to eventually build a physical church.

On Monday, Feb. 7, Hall even seemed determined to continue her ministry after telling her followers that she planned to move her ministry from Facebook to YouTube. “The Pentecostal Church of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ will be moving all of our services to our YouTube channel within the next two weeks,” she announced.

However, the first signs of trouble appeared in late 2020, when she took to social media to defend her name against accusations from former Spice friend and self-styled spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’. Smith, who alleged she practiced ‘obeah’ on Spice to prevent her from taking Lady Saw’s title as Queen of Dancehall. RT Boss also claimed he ‘reversed the order’, which he says sparked bad karma on Hall, who not only ‘kicked her out’ of Dancehall, but also drove her straight into it. the church.

It was during this period that Hall first announced that she would be return to the Dancehall to “win souls”. At the time, she admitted that RT Boss, through his accusations, disrupted her indulgence in the Kingdom of God, which ultimately inspired her Dancehall mission.

“If I have to go among the wolves, that’s where I go… I’m not going to Dancehall for the money. I’m not going for the crown. I’m still here preaching but I’m going to do some singing,” she said.

The songs that followed were two gospel-flavored Dancehall tracks, De Mi Born (Obeah Man), who clapped back at RT Boss, and Mi soon agree.

In January 2021, Hall sought to clarify that while she was not actually returning to Dancehall, she would be releasing a Dancehall album. “I’m not going back to dancehall, but I’m releasing a dancehall album. I already started it,” the singer told the Jamaica Observer.

Minister Marion Hall (Lady Saw)

Unsurprisingly, today’s news caused the if i was famous singer to reach the peak position on Jamaican Twitter. Most took the opportunity to playfully jab at the singer, while not-so-subtly hoping for her full return to Dancehall.

“Lady seen coming back to Dancehall?” Is the queen coming back for her throne? Lord, forgive me but she has unfinished business. You and you talk about it later, ”said an enthusiastic fan.

“Lady Saw see dem nah doll follow dancehall standards so she come back,another wrote, amid the virtual blowout.

Meanwhile, another cheeky Twitter user said, “Lady Saw a guh back under the Sycamore Tree wid har heels on 😂😂” referencing two of her hits, sycamore tree and heels on.

Hall, 52, who started performing aged 15, is best known for Lady Saw’s feature on No Doubt’s Gold-certified song, below everythingfor which she won a Grammy Award.

Saw is also known for her hits If he leaves, Good man, I have your man and the man Is the least. She released her first album in 1994 titled lover, which was followed by Dating, Strip Tease, 99 Ways, Passion, Alter Ego, and Give me a reason.

After his baptism, Hall released two Reggae gospel albums, namely When God speaks (2016) and His Grace (2018), which included the fan-favorite track Tun Back Christians.

Over the weekend, Hall performed on the Bob Marley Roots77 live stream to celebrate the reggae legend’s 77th birthday. She performed her songs Freedom, I had Jesusand if i was famous. Look below.

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