In Ukraine, the death toll of civilians is increasing

Ukraine (MNN) — The Russian invasion of Ukraine has didn’t make much progress in two weeks. Eric Mock with the Association of the Slavic Gospel said, “It is very clear that the military has moved from destroying military targets to destroying civilian targets.

“The Ukrainian army evacuated the staff and some of the students from our seminary which is supported in Irpin.”

Ukraine has attempted to build evacuation corridors to keep citizens away from major cities.

Thousands of civilian casualties have been reported, and this number only grows as more information becomes available. Mock says: “You may have seen a report that a young man who was assisting a lady and her children was hit by a mortar. He was a member of the Irpin Bible Church. He could have fled, but he stayed to help people.

God mourns this senseless destruction of human life. But He continues to work through the local churches.

how to help

SGA has worked with Ukrainian Christians for years, including those who have faithfully served in areas where fighting has raged since 2014. Now they have also started working with many churches in Poland, helping refugees.

They send funds to Ukrainian and Polish churches, which in turn buy aid for those in need. Mock says: “There is a huge amount of aid coming from the United Nations, the European Union and others. He’s coming to the West [of Ukraine]. But much of that aid simply won’t go east. Everything is cut. »

Do you want to support this work? You can come alongside SGA here.

The header photo shows Ukrainians taking cover from shelling. (, CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

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