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Those people who are evaluating the possibility of requesting business-type loans to invest in their own entrepreneurship or to start a business must take into account certain issues.

Many Mexicans are afraid to apply for loans because they believe they do not meet the requirements. Of course, this fear is well founded because the banks of our country (and the world) are somewhat reluctant to grant loans and therefore demand too much … every day.

Another reason why entrepreneurs delay the consultation or interview at the bank is because they know that the procedures are very complicated. Account executives take their time to give us an answer (in some cases it takes months).

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What to consider to apply for business loans?

What to consider to apply for business loans?

Regardless of the size or age of your company, even if you have not yet formed or founded it, you should pay attention to certain aspects:

Viability and approval

The evaluation of the ability to pay is the most complex issue in loans. Financial institutions review the cash flow that the company or project has and in some cases also the bank statements (money movements). With that information they decide on the amount and characteristics of the loan.


This is the period in which the debt is settled. Some banks establish very forced terms because it is more profitable to charge higher interest and rates than to expect a lower payment every month. Others do not allow to choose the return time according to the needs or interests of the client. The terms may also vary depending on the amount requested.

Types of fees

Interest is another of the most important aspects that we must consider when applying for personal or business loans. There are two types, the variables (they can change at any time according to certain market parameters, they are unstable and it does not allow us to know in advance how much we will end up paying for the credit) and the fixed ones (the entire loan remains stable. It is the best option because From the beginning the terms and conditions are known, ideal for keeping track of payments and monthly budget … and not getting any surprises!).

Early cancellation

Some banks or financial institutions offer you the possibility of paying the debt before paying without additional charges. This alternative is interesting for example if one month we want to advance fees and thus reduce interest or credit capital.

Having the cash necessary to cover unforeseen events or investing in a new business does not have to be a complication or a waste of time. It has already been in the past to present hundreds of papers in a subsidiary of the bank of which we are clients, to have to justify income or that we have sufficient means to cancel the debt.

In our portal we offer different types of loans for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and freelancers that can be of great help if you want to start a new business, invest in a different project, start your own company or be a capitalist partner in a company.

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