Jesus transforms lives, say speakers


BRANSON – Missouri pastors ‘conference ministers here on October 25 remembered Jesus’ power to change people’s lives.

Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke about a 15-year-old girl kidnapped from her home in 1981 and held secretly in a church attic for 119 days, until two maintenance workers of the church keep watch all night, catching the culprit and freeing the girl.

The young girl left clues about her plight at church when she and her captor rushed out at night to look for food, but the clues were initially dismissed as a prank.

Allen compared it to ministry, with the gospel near, but so far due to circumstances like scandals and other discrepancies.

Using Romans 10: 1-17, Allen shared three essential elements of the gospel ministry: recovering the burden of man’s loss; rediscover the simplicity of the gospel and the need for the messenger.

“The scriptures do not give any option on the different ways of getting to heaven (except through Jesus). All Christians are messengers… even though God delays a thousand years, ”Allen said.

BRANSON – The leaders of the 2022 Missouri Baptist Pastors Conference are (left to right): Treasurer Andrew Green, pastor of First Baptist Church, Marble Hill; Vice President Matt Bartig, Senior Pastor of Northroad Church in Moscow Mills / Havester; and President James Briggs, pastor of First Baptist Church, Fayette.

In his post, Bob Ingle, senior pastor of Waypoint Church, reminded Baptists in Missouri – in keeping with the theme of the pastors conference – of the transformative power of Jesus. He preached from Mark 7: 31-37.

“There are no people too broken or far removed from him,” said Ingle, for Jesus to “come after them.” There is no one too far from Him to be transformed by His love and grace.

Jesus never lets the crowds around Him outshine the individuals who need His help. When it transforms a person’s life, it becomes intimate and personal.

“Jesus does not conquer death from a distance,” he said.

Ingle also said that there was no “grace too great” for Jesus to “grant.”

“We have good news,” he told the Missouri Baptists. “We have a God in heaven who will blow your mind and transform people through Jesus. “

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist, Dallas, Texas, shared verses ensuring his salvation. With 1 John 5:13 he underlined five key words / phrases: know, write, believe, Son of God and eternal life.

Jeffress explained how he and a teacher organized themselves to ask and answer questions about faith. An incredulous schoolgirl – later rescued and became Jeffress’s wife – thought he was arrogant. His point was that he and the teacher knew Jesus.

“God wants us to know that we are saved. Christians cannot cling to both disobedience and faith in God, ”he said.

About ‘writing,’ Jeffress said, ‘There are times when I don’t feel saved, but salvation doesn’t depend on my warm, fuzzy feelings. “

As proof of the written word, he said that Jesus fulfilled some 60 Old Testament prophecies. A mathematician said the odds of eight being met were one in ten at 17 (17 zeros). “It’s like Texas is two feet deep filled with silver dollars and someone finds a marked coin. What are the chances that 60 will be satisfied? Zero if it’s by accident.

Jeffress said that the belief that Jesus died for our sins is the assurance conduit of the Kingdom of God.

“Faith always requires an object. In 1 John 5:13, we believe in the name of the Son of God. All names are not the same, ”he said, listing important Christian names, saying it was not them.

“What’s in a name? Hi. Salvation is knowing that there is peace of mind when the world falls apart… able to forgive those who have us hurts… and victory over sin.

“Everyone will live forever, some in Heaven, some in Hell. If you don’t know these things (peace, forgiveness, victory), you don’t have eternal life. The eternal security of believers is only for believers.

He spoke of a promotion for an airline to fly to a mystery destination, but said that “Christians don’t want a mystery rate on the day of their death.

In his second message, Jeffress declared the oneness of Jesus Christ.

“Jesus’ claims were unique about her,” Jeffress said. “He claimed to be God. Jesus said that “what you do with him determines your eternal destiny.”

Attendees at the Missouri Pastors’ Conference elected Andrew Green, pastor of First Baptist Church Marble Hill, as treasurer for 2022. In 2022, Matt Bartig, senior pastor of Northroad Church in Moscow Mills / Harvester, will be vice-president, and James Briggs, pastor of First Baptist Church, Fayette, will be president.

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