Letter: Support for Catholic schools in Lima benefits students

I am writing to thank everyone who attended the recent induction and celebration into the Lima Central Catholic Hall of Fame marking the end of the Sustain-Retain-Enhance fundraising campaign to benefit the LCC Educational Foundation. The campaign ended with more than $6 million pledged to support Catholic schools in Lima and the creation of two new endowment funds.

The Education Foundation exists to provide financial assistance so that any family can afford to provide a Catholic education for their children. The success of the campaign tripled total tuition assistance, and every LCC student received some form of financial assistance last year. By controlling costs and providing tuition assistance, fees for families have not increased in five years.

The fundraising campaign also resulted in a pledge of $500,000 for the establishment of an endowment fund for teachers to retain our extremely dedicated and qualified staff and to provide salaries much closer to what they could win in public schools in the area. This commitment from LCCEF is extraordinary, especially as we seek to fill positions during a national teacher shortage.

When we met donors during the fundraising campaign, many expressed a passion for the arts and a desire to improve our artistic programming. An endowment fund for the arts has been established and pledges totaling approximately $200,000 have already been committed towards this goal.

It is truly heartwarming to recognize the contributions of our Hall of Fame members and to receive the generous support of so many in this community. On behalf of the LCCEF Fundraising Committee, staff and students of Lima Central Catholic High School, I express our sincere gratitude.

Stephanie A. Williams


Williams, principal and CEO of Lima Central Catholic High School, graduated in 1998.

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