love you deeply

Soon, specialists will help military veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder at our renovated Baptist home in Smithville – and even plant a church on campus that will care for those who have faithfully served our country.

Meanwhile, right now, Missouri Baptist Children’s Home is helping 13-year-old “Lisa” overcome the trauma of human trafficking through the ministry of Freedom 43:19. And more than 100 students serve in Missouri Baptist churches as they respond to God’s call to missions.

This week, the Disaster Relief collegiate team was at the Baptist Building for a debriefing. I saw them standing in the lobby waiting to take the elevator to the meeting room. I asked if they had a great experience this summer. Big smiles crossed their faces, and their heads bobbed up and down with enthusiasm. I think some of them are eager to share with their colleagues the value of their summer.

The reason these powerful ministries exist is because of your church’s faithful giving to the Rheubin L. South Missouri Mission Offering (MMO). Our annual offering of state missions supports more than two dozen ministries like those identified in the previous paragraphs. And the offering includes Christian fostering, church revitalization and other projects that help transform lives and communities with the gospel.

The theme for this year’s offering is taken from Romans 12:10. Near the end of this letter, Paul teaches his readers about Christian ethics, urging them to love without hypocrisy, to hate evil, and to cling to what is good. He continues, “Love each other deeply as brothers and sisters. Take the initiative to honor one another.

What a privilege it is for Missouri Baptists to honor one another by helping God’s work of grace in the hearts of the people of our state. The promotional videos for this year’s package are amazing.

Although there are many organizations promoting offerings in our churches, very few are impacting the lives of children, youth, scholars, women in crisis, veterans and many other groups like the offer of our state missions. Last year, 744 Missouri Baptist churches supported MMO and donated an all-time record amount.

This means, however, that 1,000 affiliated churches have given nothing through MMO. We ask the Lord to encourage every MBC church to give something to MMO. Our hope is that they grasp the vision of what a State Mission Offering does and contribute to its collective work in our communities.

We anticipate more testimonials from college students who work through the summer at vacation Bible schools, camps, evangelism/discipleship events, and disaster relief ministries to encourage other students to join in the work. . If they catch the vision of making a difference in the lives of others, we could easily double the number of summer missionaries we send to about 200. Impossible?

We serve the Lord God who likes to demonstrate his glory in the realm of the impossible. And he uses people like us who live on missions with him to demonstrate what faith can do.

If your church has not received an MMO offering, please see the resources sent to your church last month – or go online to and bless God’s people with an opportunity to voluntarily give to the work of the Lord throughout our state.

All promotional materials are provided free of charge, whether you download them or order them from the MBC. Our goal this year is $740,000. You can make a difference. We trust God to provide – and to receive the glory as a result of your church’s gift of support through MMO.

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