Michael Todd warns Christians against ‘comfortable’ idols

Michael Todd, pastor of Megachurch
Megachurch pastor Michael Todd of the Oklahoma Transformation Church told his congregation not to be Christians minding their own comforts and to “cut the idols”, in a sermon from the May 15, 2022. |

Megachurch pastor Michael Todd has warned his congregation that too often Christians “handcuff” themselves to comfortable idols and in the process miss out on wonderful opportunities in life.

The 33-year-old pastor of Oklahoma’s Transformation Church and best-selling author of Relationship Goals: How to Win in Dating, Marriage, and Sex preached a three-part series of sermons on combating idolatry called “Cuffing Season” in May.

In part three of the series, titled “Cuffed to Convenience” and preached on Sunday, Todd warned his Tulsa-based church not to be too “handcuffed” or tied to things that might be “convenient” by putting them before God. .

Todd said to “be careful not to put man in the place that only God can fill” because that can lead to unfulfilled future goals, missed blessings, and unanswered prayers.

“We have been handcuffed to things that kill our vocation. And so many people want to know God’s will for [their] life and I want to know what God called [them] To do? The truth of the matter [is] often the answer is not in what you take. The answer is in what you let go,” Todd preached.

“A lot of people prayed for God to do something. And God is asking you to give up something. You don’t have enough room to receive a new vision. You don’t have enough freedom in certain things to really invest in the next thing God has called you to do.

Todd said he was “tired of the Body of Christ losing when the fight is already set” and said many Christians are missing out on spiritual victories because of the idols they have placed before God.

“An idol is not just a statue that people worship. An idol is anything that has taken the place of God,” Todd said. “Some of you have idols that you gave birth to. Some of you have idols that you live in.”

“Some of you have idols that you lead. Some of you have idols that are celebrities. … It’s taken the place of God. When they say ‘do it’, you obey.”

Todd warned that some Christians will avoid tithing but pay hundreds of dollars to buy a concert ticket or devote more time to sports games.

The pastor has often said that in these scenarios, Christians will not make God a priority in their lives as they should because they are too “comfortable” idolizing things or people.

“God says in this series that ‘this is a series of deliverance. I want you to cut [away] of everything that has been an idol in your life, everything that has taken My place.’ And the truth is, most of us don’t know we’re attached to it. It’s just what we think is normal. But it kills our vocation,” Todd explained.

Todd warned his congregation against making him an idol, pointing out that “I’m going to fail in some things” and that if “you make an idol of me, you’re in trouble”.

“Everybody wants fandom. Please don’t put me in the [forefront]; “Oh, I just have to listen to Pastor Mike.” No, you have to listen to God. OK. You must make sure that I am only a vehicle; here today; could be gone tomorrow,” he added.

According to Todd, many people in the church have “left the spiritual structure” giving all their attention to idols.

“You come into a physical structure, but you don’t pray every day,” he said. “You don’t read your Word. You substitute spending time with God for listening to your favorite preacher on Instagram. You haven’t even listened to the whole sermon. You just took this one-minute clip like, ‘This is my word for the day.’ It’s to seduce you, it’s an aperitif to go and listen to it all.

“Information or content without context will actually leave you in a dire position. … What I’m telling you is that we need to come back to some level of structure in our spiritual life so that you have the ability to detach yourself from things.

Todd said the “Cuffing Season” series isn’t just about untying the idols, but also “all about the roster” and “bringing in things that aren’t in order, [back] in order.

Often, Todd says, believers miss opportunities due to “messy” lives because they choose to idolize things that leave them in a place disguised as “comfortable” and “convenient.”

To counter this, Todd argued that Christians need to “feel comfortable being uncomfortable”. He stressed that Christians should not “concern” with their comfort because they have to “confront it”.

He pointed to Luke 9:23, when Jesus said to his disciple Peter, “‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.'”

“The word ‘provide’ means ‘you baby’, pamper your comfort, pamper your comfort, gratify your comfort, indulge in your comfort, spend money on your comfort, prioritize your comfort, take time for your comfort, provide for your comfort, spoil your comfort, provide for your comfort, and… take care of your comfort.That’s the dictionary definition of “provide,” Todd proclaimed.

Todd talked about the word “ministry,” which he defined as “caring for,” noting that many Christians minister more in things that provide unhealthy comfort than caring for other people.

He added that the solution is self-confrontation in a God-centered way, telling those gathered that when “you face [your comfort]you challenge your comfort, you meet your comfort, you meet yourself.”

“‘Join me at the comfort of the courtyard.’ You oppose your comfort. You repel your comfort. You resist comfort. You resist comfort. You clash; you stand face to face with, you face to face, you stand against, you shoot at… You you oppose your solace,” Todd preached.

“You won’t be able to resist your next blessing if you don’t get the stamina. For many of us this is a season where God is training us from the back of the mountain and what you pray for, you are not ready for. So God says, ‘I must make you uncomfortable.’

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