New Missoula College Scholarship Supports Next Generation of Tradespeople | Local News


“The most effective way to address the labor shortage in Montana is to invest in effective, proven programs like the Missoula College Sustainable Building Program,” said John Freer, program director and president of interim of the industrial technology department. “Having the basic skills to work in the company is just as important as having the practical skills to work on the job site, and many students are eager to learn both. “

During the two-year program, students share their time learning construction management skills in a lecture setting, then apply those lessons at the campus job site where students work together to build a house.

Students Cayce Balk and Austin Franck intend to use the skills of the program to work independently as house drummers and be their own bosses.

“It’s a basic starting point where if you don’t know much about construction, it’s a pretty useful course because they start with the basics themselves,” Frank said on the Missoula College West campus on Wednesday.

No matter where their future careers take them, they are confident that their experiences at Missoula College will set them up for success.

“I have a feeling employers are going to be like, ‘Oh, did you go to college for that? “And it will be a lot easier to get hired,” Balk said.

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