NRB calls on Christians to pray for Ukraine — NRB

On the morning of Thursday, February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine via video, announcing a “special military operation” against Ukraine with a warning to the nations of the world not to intervene despite calls international withholding.

This marks the beginning of a European ground war with serious implications for the Ukrainian people and the rest of the world. Throughout the night, more than 100 Russian missiles fell on Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. Live footage on major networks showed Ukrainians gathering in deserted streets to kneel in prayer.

“We ask all of our members and the wider Christian community to join us in interceding on behalf of Ukraine,” said NRB CEO Troy A. Miller. “The lives of many innocent people are at stake and we pray for God’s peace to prevail.”

NRB has several members operating in Ukraine, including Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), IRR/TV, MEDIAlliance and Trans World Radio (TWR), which has a national partner in Ukraine and ministerial affiliation. in Russia.

“Our hearts are heavy as we watch the war unfold in Ukraine,” said MEDIAlliance Founder and Chairman Dr. Ron Harris. “MEDIAlliance has been serving media partners there for nearly a decade, hosting annual media training conferences with the Novomedia Association of Christian Journalists and Media Ministries.

Harris added,

“Over the years we have gained great friends, training hundreds of these dedicated servants to be more effective in sharing the gospel. Many of these friends are now in danger. I have been in contact with these Ukrainian friends. All asked for prayer, knowing that God is sovereign and can ultimately achieve victory. I hope many will join us in praying for God’s great people as they live in a country currently at war. Pray for their safety and for their ability to shine God’s light in this dark situation. »

“Please pray for our teams in the two conflicting countries, Ukraine and Russia, and that many will come to know Christ,” said Dirk Müller, international director of TWR Europe, in a press release.

NRB urges Christians to intercede for the protection of the Ukrainian people and all innocent civilians now and in the days to come.

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