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When I was a kid, one of my favorite songs in church was They Will Know We are Christians by Our Love. When thinking about this song, several lines come to mind that tie in perfectly with the works of Catholic Charities.

We will work with each other; we will work side by side.

And we will keep every man’s dignity and save every man’s pride.

And they will know that we are Christians by our Love.

It is a privilege to chair the Governing Council and help advance the mission of Catholic charities to be a visible sign of the love of Christ. It is important to me that the doors are open to everyone, regardless of religion, race or age.

Born out of two orphanages in Natchez, Catholic Charities, Inc. was incorporated in 1963. Today, Catholic Charities has more than 20 programs statewide.

Jackson Victim Services and Guardian Victim Services in Natchez help victims of domestic violence, rape and human trafficking. The Born Free and New Beginning Treatment Shelter for pregnant women and mothers with substance abuse issues houses up to 27 women and their children.

Their foster care and adoption programs include Therapeutic Foster Care, Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program, Kinship Navigator Program, and Catholic Charities, Inc. Adoption Service for domestic and international adoption.

Catholic Charities, Inc. also offers a range of programs like Hope Haven, which provides care for children with mental health issues and counseling through the Healing Hearts Counseling Center. Catholic Charities, Inc. also supports homeless veterans with counseling, living arrangements, and jobs.

The parish health ministry assists impoverished areas of the state with health issues and medical volunteers. Other programs include Parish Social Ministry, Migrant Support and Vardaman, MS programs.

Not only do Catholic charities have over 20 programs in place, they have a long history of being first on the disaster relief scene. We know the devastation caused by hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Many people want to help physically and/or financially, and they can confidently do so through Catholic charities. They are exceptional stewards of time and money.

Journey of Hope breakfasts help raise funds to support these programs. Catholic Charities, Inc. was blessed with inspiring speakers such as Elizabeth Smart, Freida Rothman, Lou Holtz, Rocky Bleier, Jonathan Morris, Father Burke Masters and Jim Caviezel.

It is humbling for me to be part of an organization that truly offers hope and dignity to those who need it most and who will know that we are Christians by our love.

Find out now what serving on the Governance Council means personally to some of our Board members.

“Being on the Governing Council has given me the opportunity to work with a Christian organization that helps people in need. I think I can say on behalf of all the ladies and gentlemen of the Governing Council that our reward for giving of our time, talents and resources is the success of the people who are helped in the programs of Catholic charities. Rusty Haydel

“I’ve just been appointed to the board, so I haven’t had any direct board-related experience yet. But I feel like I’m following in my mother’s footsteps. My mother worked in the Diocese of Biloxi from its inception until 2004. She was part of the comptroller’s office and kept the books for almost everything, including the Catholic charities there. So even though it’s not exactly the same, I think she’s smiling at me. Julie Gilbert

“I have been honored to serve for the past seven years on the Board of Directors of the Jackson Catholic Charities Governing Council. The many services rendered by Catholic Works are a sure move of the visible sign of love of Christ. Of many, Adoption Service has been a true passion for me through professional and personal motivation. This glorious service brings so much love to hundreds of families across our state who have hoped, dreamed, and prayed for a family. It’s good to love one another as God has loved us Tamika Wray

“Serving on the Catholic Charities Governance Committee has been a joy to know that the guidance you provide is helping someone in their greatest need. Working with a group of like-minded members on the board to achieve the goals of community needs is personally rewarding. » Marcus Burger

“Having spent the past few years on the Catholic Charities Governing Council, I have witnessed firsthand the mission of Catholic charities to ‘be a visible sign of the love of Christ in serving the poor, the vulnerable and anyone else in need”. Serving on the board has been an honor and it has made me realize that despite our problems, there is good in everyone. Sometimes we just need to lean and to offer a helping hand to those who need it.Michel Crandal

“Over the years Catholic Charities has helped so many Mississippians in times of need. I am proud to be affiliated with such a wonderful organization. Dr. Gene Loper.

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