Perth Catholic school drama teacher forced to resign after being called out by students as gay on TikTok

Drama teacher forced to quit after students at Catholic school used cruel TikTok game ‘Guess Who’ to pass him off as gay

  • Perth drama Catholic school teacher forced to quit after coming out as gay on TikTok
  • The TikTok was a ‘guess who’ with ‘clues’ suggesting the drama teacher was gay
  • Teachers in Catholic schools must not publicly reveal that they are “gay”

A drama school teacher has said he was forced to quit his job at a Catholic school after students called him gay in a viral TikTok trend.

His career was destroyed by teenagers using TikTok to post ‘hints’ in a viral ‘guess who’ social media trend.

The series of news snippets pointed to the identity of the unnamed Perth drama teacher and who he said had leaked it.

The music video featured the school crest with clues, “not many people like him”, the name of his school band, theatrical comedy footage, a tragedy mask and a muscular male torso alongside a pride flag.

Perth drama Catholic school teacher forced to quit after being exposed as gay in a TikTok (stock image)

Tik Tok was a game

The Tik Tok was a ‘guess who’ game that’s currently trending on the app, providing ‘clues’ suggesting the drama teacher was gay

“I was victimized by students who created a TikTok about me which effectively exposed me,” the teacher told The West Australian.

“Being gay and working in a Catholic school, the scriptures and the Church believe that homosexuality is wrong and that teachers can be removed from office for religious reasons.”

The terms and conditions of employment of all state Catholic school teachers prohibit them from publicly disclosing their homosexuality.

The teacher had been at the school for six years and said he loved his job and was disappointed with the lack of support from the Catholic system.

And he said more needed to be done to protect teachers from cyberbullying by students.

A spokesperson for Catholic Education WA said it strongly believed in respecting the dignity of every person and condemned harassment of any kind.

“While it is not appropriate to comment on matters involving individual employees or students, the safety and well-being of all students and staff is at the heart of our processes and practices,” the gatekeeper said. word.

“Appropriate online behavior continues to be an educational and pastoral priority with clear policies and procedures if student conduct does not meet the high standards expected.”

The TikTok Community Guidelines state that the platform does not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment and encourages users to report any inappropriate content.

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