Police raid False Prophet enclave and save 77 people in Ondo

On Friday night, Nigerian police officers stormed a church in Ondo state and rescued around 77 people, including children, from an underground apartment in the church.

The rapid police response was a result of public dissatisfaction with the activities of some self-proclaimed false prophets and men of God in the country who are believed to have been involved in various harmful practices to deceive their members to enrich themselves. rapidly.

LEADERSHIP Sunday reunited the victims, including 23 children and 52 adults, making a total of 77 people, were rescued by the police.

It was learned that the people who were abducted and held in the underground cells of the city’s Whole Bible Believer Church were so dehumanized.

Townspeople who spoke to our correspondent said there had been a growing suspicion in the region that the values ​​that have traditionally distinguished Christian ministry are increasingly absent from the operations of the church in Wave.

It was recorded that the pastor told the captive members that they should stay in the church and await the second coming of Jesus Christ by September this year.

The pastor of the church popularly known as Ondo Church and other accomplices had been arrested by police detectives in the town.

In a viral video, a voice was heard saying, “There are kidnapped children found in the underground cell of a church in the Valentino area of ​​Ondo.

“The pastor and some church members were arrested and were also in the police patrol van.”

The rescued people were seen in three commercial buses escorted by police patrol vehicles which transported them to the police station.

Parading the pastor at the police headquarters along Igbatoro Akure, the capital of Ondo State yesterday, the assistant pastor of the Church identified as Pastor Peter Josiah said he was in charge of the church and taught the members only the pure scriptures.

He said, “I was called by God to rewrite the King James Version of the Bible because there were so many things wrong with the Bible version.

“I only teach them what the Bible says about the second coming of Jesus Christ. The prophecy being fulfilled this time shows that the rapture is near. I never even mentioned the years in church. I never taught them to run away from their parents; I only teach them the gospel. I only tell them to obey their parents in the Lord.

The pastor in charge of the church, Pastor David Anifowose, said he received instruction from God that they should camp in the church until the second coming of Christ.

“It was I who received the instruction from God that people from the church can be in the church and await his second coming. And my members were waiting for the second coming of Jesus when the police invaded the church and arrested us.

One of the church members, Olasunkami Olafisoye, a 24-year-old college graduate, said she disobeyed her parents because they kept her away from God.

Olafisoye said, “My parents don’t go to church anymore. When we left our old church they usually stayed home and before that I was not comfortable with the biblical teaching of the church.

“Later, I joined this church because my parents keep me away from God and I want to make heaven. I love the way the church has followed Jesus and the way they cling to Christ.

“I disobeyed my parents because they took me away from Jesus and I find my way to heaven through this Church. I can’t because my parents lost paradise.

One of the parents who reported the case to the police, Michael Olorunyomi, said he had been to church before and left the church because of the bad teachings pastors were teaching members.

“The pastor teaches church members the need to divorce their wives. Husbands are told to divorce their wives if they want to go to heaven.

“They turned the children against their parents by teaching them what is not in the Bible. When I left the church, my daughter refused to follow me. I made the mistake of leaving her when I left.

“Before I knew what was happening my daughter who is level 300 in college dropped out and camped in the church waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ because the pastor said he wouldn’t. there was nothing left in the world; that the rapture will come in September of this year.

“They even arranged a marriage between my daughter and one of the pastor’s families. They said no one should go to work or school and they should do nothing but wait for him in the church.

“Look at each one of them; they looked neglected. He told them that they should not do their hair so that whoever does their hair loses paradise.

However, the police PRO revealed that 77 people were rescued from the underground apartment by police during the Friday night raid while the two pastors were arrested in connection with the incident.

She said: “We received information about the activities of a particular church and its pastors and we reacted spontaneously and discovered that 77 people were caged in an underground apartment within the church.

“The two pastors assisted the command in its investigation. The investigation is still ongoing and the picture is not yet clear on the activities of the two pastors.

“Kidnapping is no small offense and in order for us not to mislead the public, we need to investigate the matter to get a true picture of what happened. We will make our findings public after the investigation.

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