President Aoun in a religious interview at Christmas: one is linked to his land, the other without land is a refugee

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, appealed to the Lebanese on Christmas Eve in a religious interview inspired by the spiritual occasion, during which he spoke with his interlocutors, his colleague Abdel Helou, former archbishop of Ferzol, Zahlé and de la Bekaa for the Melkites. Mgr Issam Yohanna Darwish, Greek-Catholic Archbishop, on religious aspects and his impressions.

The President also spoke about his vision of the Christian faith and how to apply it in daily life.

President Aoun underlined the importance of the great meanings that Christmas carries and the values ​​of love that Jesus called, and the importance of the Virgin Mary and the Bible in consolidating these values ​​in the daily life of the believer, and face the difficulties and problems that he encounters on a daily basis.

In addition, President Aoun clarified that he had acquired faith gradually, and that the “knowledge trap” played a role, specifying that his faith was reflected in the consolidation of his attachment to the land and to the country.

“A person is linked to his society and to the land. A person without a homeland is a refugee, and this strengthens the bond between man and the land, ”said the president.

President Aoun also considered that Lebanon has citizens of all religions and brings together multiple civilizations, if coexistence is present peacefully and based on good deeds and love between individuals and groups, then it constitutes two models. for it.

“This is why I proposed the creation of the Académie de l’Homme pour la Convergence et le Dialogue, which studies civilizations, religions and the traditions that accompany them. I believe that the resulting culture promotes peace among human beings. So, as long as we all recognize God as the Creator, why do we kill and love each other, because the earth welcomes all human beings, ”continued President Aoun.

In addition, President Aoun underlined that “What the Lebanese suffer and live today is the result of the actions of those who previously exercised responsibilities, and these people should be a good example for the citizen because they were the front of the Lebanese. society and they are entrusted with the lives of citizens who are suffering today, hence the right to self-defense, that is to say the necessities of life ”.

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