Projected distribution of scholarships: additions and subtractions

Florida State enters the winter conditioning phase (Tour of Duty) of the offseason. At the start of the spring semester, it’s time to take stock again of the FSU roster and how much space Seminoles should be working with at the end of their 2022 class.

There has been a lot of attrition and additions since our last update on the projected scholarship distribution. The Seminoles have officially added class 2022 signatories, as well as nine first registrants from transfers. And there were also various transfers.

Teams can enter up to 32 players this recruiting cycle with the +7 rule intact (if seven players currently on the roster are transferred after the end of the fall semester under the one-year scholarship exemption limit of NCAA), but will still need to adhere to the stock market limit of 85. Mike Norvell said during the early signing period that he expected FSU to come close to signing a full class. of 25 players and mentioned the +7 rule as a possibility.

Today, we take a look at which players are currently expected to benefit from a scholarship in 2022 – these are rough estimates as attrition could still occur in the offseason, and their classifications are slated for 2022 – and what that means. for FSU’s current recruiting efforts. to advance…

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