Roanoke Catholic students learn about farming with a mobile dairy farm

ROANOKE, Va. – Bringing lessons from the farm directly to students is the goal of a mobile dairy classroom for schools across Virginia. He shines a light on the value of dairy and nutrition, with the help of a friend named Honey.

The Mobile Dairy Class stopped at Roanoke Catholic School on Monday (10/24) to teach agriculture to elementary and high school students.

“We love to talk about all the hard work that goes into caring for these cows. Many people don’t realize all the different things that need to be considered and thought about. You know how much feed they need and everything,” said Morgan Cole, the mobile dairy class instructor.

During presentations, students line up in the parking lot in front of Honey, a traveling dairy cow who helps bring the process of dairy farming to life.

The Jersey cow is the second most popular cow to milk. It helps demonstrate how farmers milk their cows and how that milk gets from the grocery store to your table.

“I think my favorite part was when they showed us how they clean and milk the cows,” said 6th grader Ansley Tompkins.

“I think it was cool. It was very interesting and I want to see it again,” said Madison Galazka, a 2nd grader.

A typical week for each instructor is to travel with their cow to schools and events across the state to teach the importance of dairy farming. Also this week, Cole and Honey traveled to the Amherst County Fair, Roanoke Catholic and Northern Virginia. Cole will be teaching classes until the end of December.

The program is free for schools, fairs, festivals, libraries, camps and just about anywhere. In 2019, Mobile Dairy Classrooms presented to over 675,000 people.

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