Senior Waterbury Stellmach swimmer ready for 3rd school in 3 years


WATERBURY – Waterbury’s Nathan Stellmach is finally comfortable, leaving the stress of the past year behind.
“I’m really excited about the future,” said Stellmach, who headed to St. Paul High School in Bristol in the fall for his final year. “I am now focusing on my swimming and other areas of my life in general. “
This was not the case last August when Stellmach found out that Chase Collegiate School would close a few weeks before the start of his junior year.
Two weeks later, he enrolled in Sacred Heart High, only to find in mid-February 2021 that the Catholic school would close at the end of the school year.
For a moment, Stellmach admitted that he “couldn’t understand the news.”
But soon after discussing it with his parents Caryn and Matt, he regrouped.
An A-level student, Stellmach began to focus on the pool. He ended his 2021 high school swim season in style, winning the 50-yard freestyle (22.32 seconds) and 100 breaststroke (58.45 seconds) at the men’s Naugatuck Valley League championships.
Once that was done, Stellmach needed to focus on his academic journey.
What did you learn from the whole process and the experience?
“It puts everything in perspective,” Stellmach said. “The things you value most are not guaranteed to last. I had some really good experiences both at Chase and at Sacred Heart, but unfortunately they didn’t work out. But I learned to adapt. As much disappointment as I have experienced, I think it can be good for me to meet new people.
“Being in three different high schools will be a very valuable resource,” added Stellmach. “Today, exposure and building relationships with a lot of other people will allow me to access places in life and be more successful.”
Stellmach believes that St. Paul will help him achieve these goals.
“The staff at St. Paul were so welcoming, 100%,” said Stellmach. “It was a key factor.
“When I got on tour in March or April, you could tell they didn’t care about pity or trying to sell their school. They were really good people and were trying to help us. This generosity was a key factor.
While the average 4.0 student potentially had enough credits to graduate from high school after his first year, Stellmach said he’s taking a full load of advanced internship and continuing French courses in the fall to prepare it for the future.
He plans to study government and public policy at university and has previously visited Franklin & Marshall, College of Holy Cross as well as NECASC Hamilton College and Middlebury College. Others are probably on the horizon.
As for St. Paul, he admitted that he will be “a little nervous. I think anyone would be in a new school or a new job. But I’ve already done that. I rework the same muscles. I’m going to go there and meet new people and get involved. I know I am confident in my abilities and will have a fun senior year.
Last weekend, Stellmach performed well at the Connecticut Senior Championships at the Cheshire Community Pool, representing the Barracudas from the Waterbury YMCA.
Stellmach broke team records and achieved personal bests in the 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 200 breaststroke and 200 IM.
“Now I’m going to take some time and try to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer,” he said.
Unlike last year.
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