Sexual Abuse Allegations Founded Against Grace College Music Department Founder

An investigation has substantiated the sexual abuse allegations against the late founder of the music department of Grace College and Theological Seminary in northern Indiana, according to an investigation file obtained by The Roys Report (RTR).

As The Christian Post reported for the first time On Wednesday, Grace College’s longtime music director Donald Ogden had between 100 and 200 male abuse victims during his decades in college, according to his daughters.

The women, whose maiden names are Diane and Kathleen Ogden, reported the alleged abuse to Grace College in 2021. This prompted the school to hire an independent investigator, Campus and Workplace Solutions.

According to a two-page memoir released by Grace, the company’s investigation substantiated allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault against Ogden from 1960 to 1990. The memoir also revealed the cover-up by some school employees .

“The investigation also revealed that some former employees had knowledge of the misconduct and did not respond appropriately to the information at the time,” the memorandum states.

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It’s unclear how many alleged victims the investigation found or how many college employees were involved. The brief states in a footnote that “twelve of the former students interviewed indicated that they witnessed or were victims of Mr. Ogden’s sexual misconduct.”

Carrie Yocum, the college’s Title IX coordinator, did not immediately respond when RTR asked for clarification.

The Ogden girls claim in a letter obtained by RTR that the investigation did not reveal the full extent of the abuse suffered by their father.

The investigation relied on surveys sent only to music students at Grace, the women say. But “there are reports of him assaulting at the Brethren Youth conference, on Timothy Teams Grace sent, and in malls across the country,” the Ogden girls write. “He also participated in boys’ clubs at church, at the Riverwood Ranch, men’s sleepovers at our house, and activities at local churches. . .”

Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana (Photo via Facebook)

“Grace College condemns all forms of sexual harassment, which has no place in a God-honoring community like ours,” the college said in response to RTRthe initial investigation. “A respected member of the school and community has betrayed the trust placed in him by students and families. We are deeply sorry that this happened.

The statement adds that the college is “committed to acknowledging the pain of Mr. Ogden’s actions, to protecting our campus community, and to preventing future misconduct.”

The investigation file is dated June 15, but is not posted anywhere on the Grace College website. Yocum did not immediately explain why the memoir was not released publicly.

neglected past abuse

Ogden was employed at Grace College from 1950 to 1993, according to the college’s statement. A collegial publication indicates that he has retired.

In 1993, a news report showed Ogden was arrested in Kansas after a 16-year-old boy accused Ogden of kidnapping and sodomizing him. The investigative brief says Ogden’s arrest took place while he was on a work trip for the college’s alumni department.

An article from March 15, 1993 in Hutchinson news obtained by RTR reports Ogden was imprisoned on suspicion of aggravated buggery. But he was not prosecuted, indicates the investigation brief.

Ogden was also believed to have been a leader of Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church near the college when he was arrested. Christian post reported Ogden wrote a letter more than a year after his arrest in which he confessed to a sanitized version of his alleged misconduct.

Winona Lake pastor Grace Brethren at the time assured church members in another letter published by Christian post that Ogden’s confession was “accurate and complete in scope”.

The Ogden girls wrote in their letter that they heard about the allegations last year and confronted church and university leaders. They accuse both the college and the church of covering up their father’s alleged misconduct.

Ogden “has been recruiting students for decades and that’s why they’ve received thousands and thousands of dollars from donors,” the sisters wrote. “When the reputation of your school and your church rests on one person, there is a great temptation to literally lie for Jesus.”

Kip Cone, the church’s senior pastor, did not immediately respond when RTR asked for a response to the women’s allegation. He would have said Christian post that the church failed to properly investigate after Ogden’s arrest in 1993.

Winona Lake Grace Brethren has since written to men involved in the church’s music ministry now or in the past, Cone said. Christian post. He added that the church has not heard from men who say Ogden abused them.

Sarah Einselen is an award-winning writer and editor based in Texas.

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