Shia cleric survives assassination attempt in central Iran

A Shiite cleric was injured in an assassination attempt by a motorbike attacker in central Iran on Saturday as attacks on clerics spike in the country.

Mohsen Akhavan, who is the congregational prayer imam at the Baqiyatallah Mosque in Isfahan, was shot dead and is now hospitalized.

Akhavan, who holds the rank of cleric of hojatoleslam, was returning home after leading morning prayers when the attack happened.

Several Iranian clerics have recently been attacked by angry Iranians as rising prices and constant protests have led to a tense environment in the country.

In early June, the representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in the central city of Isfahan, Yousef Tabatabaei-Nejad, was attacked by a young man carrying a knife. He is known for his annoying remarks about women and social freedoms, as well as his recent comments aimed at whitewashing the Iranian government’s decisions to end food subsidies, which led to a sudden spike in prices.

Earlier this year, a member of the Assembly of Scholars and Scholars at Qom Seminary, Mohammad Taghi Fazel Meybodi, said clerics and students at the seminary are avoiding their usual dress. for fear of being insulted in publicadding that the Iranian people have a negative view of the clergy and blame them for the current difficulties they are experiencing, including high prices and corruption.

Another well-known cleric, Mohammad-Reza Zaeri, also talked about the growing hatred and rancor towards the clergy in January, warning of an unfolding crisis in society.

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