Sisters Mia and Sissi Loza make history as outstanding kickers for De La Salle Institute football team


CHICAGO – Football has always been a guy-dominated sport, but two sisters from Windy City are showing guys a thing or two this season.

De La Salle Institute in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood is all about girl power these days with not one, but two notable female kickers playing high school football.

De La Salle is the third oldest Catholic school in the city of Chicago, but Meteora is making history for a different reason this fall.

This is Mia Loza’s second season as the Meteors’ starting college kicker.

“I would say she’s good from anywhere from her forties,” De La Salle Institute football coach Mike Boehm said.

Coach Boehm’s recruiting revelation came as he watched Loza, who was a seasoned football player, during training last year.

“I was kicking the soccer ball, like I’m shooting from a long distance. He saw my foot and he was like, ‘Let’s try a basket, maybe you could do it,'” Mia recalls.

“Hey, maybe she could help us. So you go over there, bring your long snapper and your support and she just starts blowing them up,” Boehm said.

“I did it and he said to me, ‘let’s get on the football team’,” Mia said.

Mia has racked up over a dozen extra points this season alone.

“At the high school level, when it comes to extra points and even baskets, those points are huge,” said Boehm. “She’s more consistent with the PATs than any of the boys we have.”

This year, another Loza joined De La Salle’s ranks with Mia’s little sister Sissi kicking for Team JV.

“She saw this happen, she quickly wanted to do the same and she did not hesitate,” said Thomas Schergen, director of the De La Salle Institute.

“I’m up for it, if you want me too,” Sissi said. “Now we are the kickers for JV and Varsity.”

The sisters said they encourage each other.

“You can see when they work on their stuff in training, they help each other out and train each other,” Boehm said.

Their teammates are also big fans.

“I’m like their little sister on the team. They protect me on the pitch,” said Mia.

As the Loza sisters make history at De La Salle, it’s a sense of history repeating itself for the family. Mia and Sissi’s mother was also an excellent high school football player. At the time, her school did not have a girls ‘team, so she became the first to be on the boys’ team.

“Leaving her mark on her high school was something really important to her. She’s also in her high school Hall of Fame,” Mia said.

“She said to me, ‘Go ahead, don’t look back,’” Sissi added.

“I think it’s really good for our school to see that there are girls out there who could do something boys can do – like girl power,” Mia said.

“You see the parents’ Facebook and Twitter posts, just rallying around, just saying ‘girl power.’ That’s pretty cool,” Boehm said. “Very cool for them and for the institution.”

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