Skyrim Scholarship Mod allows players to become scholars and write a thesis

So you played to the full extent of Skyrim and completed all the side quests and brushed up your knowledge of Skyrim. And now ? You can install a Skyrim mod that allows you to write a thesis on the game! That’s exactly what you do in the new Skyrim scholarship mod! Let’s get straight to the point!

So what’s up with the Skyrim scholarship mod?

The Skyrim mod Skyrim scholarship allows players to research and grade knowledge of the Skyrim universe. You become a scholar in the Roleplay the search for the Elder Scrolls Dwemer, Nordicand Falmers to start your writing journey…a thesis!

If you’ve ever considered yourself an expert in the in-game lore of Skyrim and the old scrollsthis mod expects you to write the lore and specifics of the Skyrim universe to do an in-game thesis and become a real-world scholar of all things Skyrim.

You will have to research the ancient cultures and traditions of the world of Skyrim before rating them, for which players will allow you to obtain Exciting rewards, XP and extra bonus stats at the end.

The Skyrim Scholarship mod created by Zamio1 allows players to experience the mysteries and lore of the beloved game that players would otherwise have been able to watch. Players can adopt various methods to collect information about the world of Skyrim.

They can consult pre-existing books of the world, interact and talk to NPC specialists and gain their knowledge and eventually head to the open world of Skyrim to gain hands-on experience to enhance their understanding of the world of Skyrim.

Zamio1 also posted Patch Notes in the same way new updates for the Skyrim 2.0 Fellowship mod on sound Reddit account. The update says players will write a thesis on one of five tiers that will grant researchers rewards and buffs based on their knowledge level and progress.

Mod Version/Update: Skyrim Fellowship 2.0 of skyrimmods

Currently, players can research around three cultures, but Zamio says they want to include more cultures to examine over time. Players can look into the culture of the underground dwellings of the Dwemerwho spend their days excelling in engineering, underground infrastructure, architecture, and robotic craftsmanship.

Players can also research the ancient history of Flamerwho were known to be prosperous and boasted an impressive empire before finally succumbing to their inevitable downfall.
Finally, players can also look into the culture of the Nordic who inhabited ancient Skyrim before the modern era wiped them out of history.

Future topics Zamio is looking into include sword singersmade up of a legendary group of Yokuda Land Swordsmen located west of Tamil. Players will also be able to research cultures and regions outside of Tamriel, too, and that’s not all. You will also discover the ancient history of Dragons also with future Skyrim Scholarship Mod updates!

The search can get quite difficult. You will need to start at Arcanaeum at the College of WinterHoldwhere you will have to read many books to develop a base for your knowledge of the world of Skyrim.

A Skyrim researcher with an incomplete thesis | Nexus Mods

Then you’ll have to interact with other scholars across the lands of Skyrim, who will guide you and give you tasks that will deepen your understanding of the world.

Finally, you can deepen your knowledge of ancient civilizations by traveling to the depths and ruins of the Dwemer. What better way to learn than to see the ruins firsthand?

Skyrim scholarship mod
A player interacting with fellow fellows | Nexus Mods

Inevitably, you’ll be able to put everything you’ve learned into a single thesis, the quality of which will depend on the depth of your knowledge and understanding of Skyrim. The more you write, the better you will become as a scholar, which will no doubt encourage you to participate in more and more projects along the way.

Writing relevant books will grant you additional combat buffs and status boosts as well as abilities such as summoning minions to aid you. You can summon Falmer Hunter Charus or even a dwarven centurion depending on your progress.

So, are you excited for the new Skyrim Scholarship mod, or are you studying a little too much for your liking? Let us know in the comments below and tune in next time for more exciting Appuals news. Until then, see you later and goodbye!

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