Special 80th anniversary celebration attracts villagers


Church leaders in northern China’s Shanxi Province held a thanksgiving service to mark the 80th birthday of a rural Christian woman.

After consulting with the church, Zhou Chunliang’s three sons and a daughter held this special birthday party in mid-June at his farm in Jiace Village, Jindian Town, Yaodu District, Linfen.

Church leaders from the Fuli Lane Gathering Site in Yaodu District, where her youngest son Wu Zexin is the church’s deacon, and other staff came to congratulate her.

The old woman expressed her feelings in simple words. She said that in the eyes of the villagers she was unhappy because her husband passed away more than 20 years ago, leaving himself alone to raise his children. All of her children who are all Christians were married and settled down with jobs except for her youngest son. After believing in Jesus, she was full of joy and hope, counting on Jesus for everything.

Everywhere she went, she went to church to worship and participate in the ministry, she added. She prayed, read the Bible, and visited other Christians, as well as presented sketches on the stage of the Yaodu District Church at Christmas.

She said enthusiastically, “Relying on Jesus, I have nothing to fear, for he is my constant support and help. “

His second son later shared his experience of faith, saying that under the influence and motivation of his mother, he was baptized for the Lord last year and attended church service.

Deacon Gong Suzhen, head of the local church in Jindain, presided over the thanksgiving service at nine in the morning, followed by his intercession. The believers stood up and performed hymns, which moved people in neighboring villages; some sang and others lifted their smartphones to record videos. Elder Zhang Xiaohua from Another Linfen Church Delivered a Sermon titled Full of blessings.

A colleague from Fuli Lane Gathering Point in the urban area gave him a large print Bible.

Approaching Brother Zhang, an old non-Christian man even asked, “Do you have another Bible? I also want to believe in Jesus.

(The article was originally published by Gospel Times.)

– Translated by Abigail Wu

一次 特殊 的 八十 寿辰 庆祝, 吸引 了 乡邻

Special 80th anniversary celebration attracts villagers

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