St. James Catholic School to Host 34th $ 10,000 Contest


St. James Catholic School is holding its annual $ 10,000 offer and silent auction at 5:30 pm Thursday at 210 At the Tracks.

This will be the 34th year that the school is organizing this fundraiser. It was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We did it every year until last year, but last year was our 33rd event,” said manager John Parker, “It has become a major citywide event and there is had a lot of different people who came to compete. ”

Tickets cost $ 100 for two, and 400 school reports have been sold to date. The event will feature a catered meal from Local Joe’s Restaurant that includes entrees such as herbed roast pork tenderloin and smoked chicken, as well as an open bar.

Musical entertainment will be provided by Amanda Quarles and guest Courtney Linam.

“The money we raise with this event goes to the kids and helps ensure that students who want to attend but can’t afford it can,” Parker said. “It also goes to our general fund which allows us to pay our teachers’ salaries and other things the school may need throughout the year.”

One of the main events of the evening will be the silent auction, with “over 200 quality items” up for grabs, according to a press release from the school. These items include everything from jewelry and household items to sports memorabilia, original art and religious items.

The other main event includes a raffle for different prizes such as a fridge stocked with steaks and a basket of quality alcohol. These awards were donated by local businesses in the city such as Gadsden Music Company, Gadsden Variety and Antiques, B&B Pawn, Harbor Freight and the Gadsden Museum of Art.

“There are more corporate donations every day, and lots and lots of specialty store gift certificates. This is not a complete list and we have many quality items in our silent auction, ”the school said.

In addition, bingo games will be organized to allow guests to win “additional $ 10,000 tickets”. Parker explained that these tickets involve guests in a reverse draw for the grand prize: $ 10,000.

“The way it usually works is that the first ticket drawn is the winner of a prize, but in the case of a reverse auction, the last ticket left at the end of the night wins it all,” he said. declared. “We will generally be withdrawing tickets until the last ten are left, and then between each ticket, the people who remain will start negotiating to see if they want to split the prize money or continue.”

Parker added that this year’s fundraiser is bigger due to the impacts of COVID-19 on the school. He said missing the event in 2020 was “catastrophic”.

“This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and not being able to hold it last year forced us to turn away students,” he said. “This year we have started slowly with our ticket sales but things have improved lately and we hope it will be a good year for ticket sales. However, we still have quite a few tickets left in the office so we hope this year will be better so we can help the kids.

Tickets for the event are still on sale and can be purchased at school or after mass at St. James Catholic Church this weekend. For more information or to purchase school tickets, call 256-546-0132.

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